The Dominy Workshop at Winterthur Garden

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 19, Part 2

Bob starts work in the newly-constructed Craftsman workshop, meeting up with Bob Ryley to begin work on a new planter box that will reside in the sunroom underneath the enormous picture window.

In Wilmington, DE, Bob tours the historic Dominy Workshop at Winterthur, An American Country Estate founded by Henry Francis du Pont. The museum curator Greg Landry shows Bob their display of pre-industrial tools.

Back in Massachusetts Bob tours The North Bennet Street School in Boston and visits the locksmithing classroom. At the project house, Ryley is installing the Baldwin locksets on the front door.
Part 1: Building Planter Boxes
Part 2: The Dominy Workshop at Winterthur Garden
Bob takes the first of many visits to the Winterthur Garden and Museum in Delaware's Brandywine Valley. Winterthur was the vision of Henry Francis DuPont, who researched and collected antiques and housed them here.

Greg Landry, Director of Conservation for Winterthur, takes Bob to the Dominy Workshop, which once belonged to a family of carpenters and clock makers on Long Island. The workshop-turned-museum houses a multitude of Colonial-era tools, many of which are still in use today.

Bob takes a turn on the great wheel lathe, which was used to mill large items like table tops as well as other decorative items. Landry also shows Bob some hand tools, including antique saws, planes, and drills.
Part 3: Locksmithing at the North Bennet Street School
Part 4: Door Lock Installation