Installing Corner Cabinets

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 20, Part 2

Following a quick tour of the project house's front hall, Bob visits the Port Royal parlor and hall at Winterthur in Wilmington, Del., to see a classic example of a formal entryway. Bob returns to the North Bennet Street School in Boston to learn about one of the other unique skills taught there, the art of bookbinding. At the project house, Paul Andersen is hard at work installing the Wellborn cabinets and moldings in the kitchen, and custom bookshelves are underway in an upstairs bedroom.
Part 1: Tour of the Port Royal Parlor at Winterthur
Part 2: Installing Corner Cabinets
Carpenter Paul Anderson joins Bob to hang the corner cabinets in the kitchen of the modern Colonial project house. The cabinets have some interesting features, such as the tambour that can be used to store countertop appliances when not in use.

The cabinets have already been trimmed out and the holes pre-drilled. Paul places two-by-four jacks underneath each cabinet for support while he screws them in place.
Part 3: Installing Molding on the Kitchen Cabinets