Shaker-Style Mural Painting

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 24, Part 1

Interior design work continues. Artist Polly Forcier (of MB Historic Decor) is working on a Colonial-style mural in the kitchen. And for a little high-tech flair, Brent Thompson is on-site to install a new IceBox kitchen entertainment center, which combines TV, radio, and Internet access into one appliance. Local artisan Linda Gavin stops by to show Bob some custom lampshades she's created for the house. Offsite, Bob takes another trip to Winterthur in Delaware, this time visiting the Chinese Parlor exhibit.
Part 1: Shaker-Style Mural Painting
Bob checks in with artist Polly Forcier (from MB Historic Decor) for an update on some of the home's decorative painting.Forcier is working on a Colonial-style mural inspired by the work of Rufus Porter, an itinerant painter from the 19th century.

Forcier has chosen the dining area just outside the sunroom as the location for her mural. The natural sunlight pouring through the windows serves as a reference point for the highlights in her mural.

She uses charcoal to outline the mural's design and then begins painting. For the details, such as the scene's houses and trees, Forcier uses a series of nine stencil overlays.

To apply the paint, Polly uses a special stenciling brush employing a rotating stroke rather than stippling the paint on.
Part 2: Tour of the Chinese Parlor at Winterthur
Part 3: Kitchen Internet Appliance