Installing Plumbing Loop and Fixtures for Multiple-Head Shower

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 25, Part 2

Flooring specialist Howard Brickman finishes up the floors and demonstrates the new Airsled appliance mover, an inflatable slip that slides underneath heavy objects and glides easily along the floor. Brickman uses the Airsled to move the new energy efficient Kenmore washer and dryer into the bathroom, without damaging the floors.

Bob takes a quick look at the completed murals and stencils from MB Historic Decor. Plus, plumbing contractor Dave DuVerger is on location to install the washer and dryer and the shower hardware. Bob Ryley is also on-site, installing a new Robern medicine cabinet in one of the upstairs bathrooms.

Bob visits the North Bennet Street School in Boston to learn more about decorative arts and the school's furniture-making program. Back at the project house, North Bennet student and furniture maker Thomas MacDonald is in the workshop demonstrating how he creates furniture details.
Part 1: Moving Appliances Without Damaging Wood Floors
Part 2: Installing Plumbing Loop and Fixtures for Multiple-Head Shower
Bob tours the master bath with an eye towards the luxury appointments, including the double vanity fixtures, granite countertop, and Wellborn cabinets.

Plumber Dave DuVerger is installing a trim package to finish off the spacious shower. The shower features three showerheads in a nearly six-by-six foot enclosure. To supply enough water pressure, these are built on a plumbing loop with a 3/4-inch supply line.
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