Installing Insulated Windows in the Baby's Nursery

Project: Babyproofing the House, Episode 2, Part 1

Bob is back in Melrose, MA, to look at window options and installation. First he meets with Cordell Burton from Pella Windows to look at their Designer Series snap-in between-the-glass blinds. These blinds are contained between moveable panes that allow homeowners to change colors. They are easily drawn with a sliding button on the sash, have no dangerous cords, and reduce dust and allergens by 200 percent. Their Energy Star low-e, double-pane, Architecture Series two-over-ones replicate the period windows in this 1895 two-family home. Nick Beasley, the homeowner and general contractor, demonstrates how to install the windows and shares advice for sealing the opening against water intrusion or heat loss. In the newly framed master bath, Beasley installs custom poplar and MDF wood panels against the tub wall and shows Bob the Daltile subway tiles and glass edge tiles for the wall. The tub enclosure and shelf will be of impervious Corian solid surfacing. We also learn how to install an American Standard Champion low-flush toilet by leveling the floor, sealing the flange, and bolting it to the floor. This low-flush toilet has the largest siphon on the market, so the bowl clears with less water, just 1.6 gallons per flush.

Part 1: Installing Insulated Windows in the Baby's Nursery
Bob recaps the house tour at the Beasleys and the completed blown-in fiberglass insulation of the third-story ceiling. Bob is now joined in the nursery by Cordell Burton of Pella Windows, who shows him the blinds that are being installed. The interchangeable blinds snap in easily between the two panes of glass. They have no cords, can be raised and lowered with a sliding button on the sash, and are free from dust and allergens. These windows are highly insulated for cold and sound, as they have a fully insulated pane on the exterior and another pane on the interior. Burton shows Bob how any homeowner can install the windows, first by removing the old sash and stops, then sealing the window with Pella's self-sealing butyl tape. To prevent further heat loss, the sash-cord pocket is filled with expanding foam. We watch as the window is set in place, checked for level and plumb, shimmed, and nailed in for an easy do-it-yourself installation.
Part 2: Energy Efficient Windows
Part 3: Master Bathroom Tub, Tile, and Low-Flow Toilet Installation
In Melrose, MA, Bob Vila helps a young couple expecting their first child to prepare their home. The focus is on creating a safe place with a strong emphasis on indoor air quality and a healthy living environment. Bob reviews child safety products with industry specialists, as they outfit the home from top to bottom in preparation for the new baby.