Installing Restored Brass Door Hardware and Faux Finishing the Mantelpiece

Project: Bob's Shingle Style Home, Episode 26, Part 1

This is it! The house is finished, and Bob and the interior designers take a look at how all the fabrics, colors, and furnishings have come together. Kim Sweet puts the finishing touches on some spectacular faux painting jobs, Ryley installs a lockset in the powder room door, and we install Ketchum shower doors in the master bath. Bob shows off some of the latest gadgets like the Marvel wine cellarette and the handy WoodWaiter.

Part 1: Installing Restored Brass Door Hardware and Faux Finishing the Mantelpiece
Bob and Ryley install the restored door hardware. Architect Gregory Rochlin has had the lacquer-coated brass hardware intricately removed and numbered to ensure its proper placement in the finished house. Rochlin polishes the hardware with jeweler's rouge to return it to its polished brass original finish. Bob introduces a piece of furniture he has had in his home for a number of years. Featuring flame mahogany veneers and tiger maple, this piece is the inspiration for the faux-finished mantle in the den. Artist Kim Sweet uses layer upon layer of colors and finishes to recreate the antique wood finish.
Part 2: Touring the Completed Home Interior, Entryway, and Dining Room
Part 3: Installing Custom Shower Doors, Bath Hardware, and CO Detectors
This project centers around the remodel of Bob Vila's own gracious Shingle Style home in Cambridge, MA. It's a house with a lot of history and beautiful architectural details, many of which were obliterated in remodels of the 50s and the 70s. On the centennial of the house's construction, Bob gets together the best talents in the business to recreate and renew it to its former glory, making some important modifications along the way that will transform this into a dream house for today.