Creating a Lattice-Top Gate and Converting a Mudroom to a Pantry

Project: Basement Finishing and Family Space, Episode 9, Part 3

Bob is in Melrose, where seamless aluminum gutters are extruded and installed to pitch the water toward the front of the house and away through storm drains. A Norway spruce is limbed to bring air and sunlight to the tree, making it sturdier in wind and snow. In the front yard, the focus is on low-maintenance landscaping with pachysandra that will spread to cover the ground, holly, rhododendrons, spring bulbs, and a red Japanese maple. In the backyard, low-maintenance solutions include reclaimed granite steps, built-in sheds for gardening, toys, and tools, and a field stone and pea stone terrace that backs up to the stone retaining wall, plantings, and white cedar fence. Bob learns about no-pesticide weed control under and around the fence with a durable rubber weed inhibitor and admires the craftsmanship on the tongue-and-groove, lattice-topped gate. The final outdoor touch is the multi-stranded, soft, artificial grass that is installed for a lush, no-maintenance side yard. Bob shows us that the tiny back door has been replaced by a triple slider and the cluttered mudroom has become an organized pantry space with a counter, storage, recycling, and drawers for snack bags, utensils, and lunch gear.

Part 1: Replacing the Gutters, Trimming a Tree, and Creating a Low-Maintenance Front Yard
Part 2: Hardscaping, Selecting Plants, Installing Artificial Grass in the Backyard, and Preventing Weed Growth
Part 3: Creating a Lattice-Top Gate and Converting a Mudroom to a Pantry
Bob talks with Jay Triandafilou from Architectural Fence. An elegant gate is being added to the fence as a finishing touch. The gate features a board bottom and a lattice top. It has tongue-and-groove sheathing. The lattice is half-lap lattice where each piece is individually cut so it makes a half-lap and fits in to make a smooth finish. The arch is a laminated cap above so it bends with the curve. The gate uses a half-lap frame on the side stile, which makes it very rigid and sturdy. The gate is made of the same white cedar that was used to make the rest of the fence and will weather nicely. The entrance to the back of the house has been modified by removing the small back door and installing a triple-panel sliding glass door that looks onto the newly landscaped backyard. The mudroom was converted into a pantry and outfitted by California Closets. Chloe Durant of California Closets reviews some of the work done in the pantry. The family needed space where they could prepare lunch for the two boys. In this space, a butler's pantry was designed and installed, featuring a deep countertop, drawers for storage, and space down below for recycling. Dave Weston of California Closets explains how the unit was put into the space. The California Closets system operates on rails. The rail is attached to the wall and hangers are attached to the secured rail. These hangers allow partitions to go up and down and hold any amount of weight put upon it. The finished product has four drawers, a couple of compartments for recycling bins, countertop space, and space up above for storage of kitchen appliances.