New York Harbor Water Taxi Tour

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 3, Part 2

Interior work and demolition are progressing simultaneously. Bob and his son, the project manager Chris Vila, review three weeks' worth of progress. Work performed to date includes removing an old elevator shaft and sandblasting exposed wood and brick surfaces. A new tongue and groove plywood subfloor is being installed and basic wall framing has begun. Also, Bob takes us on a water taxi tour to learn more about the history of heavy industry along Brooklyn's waterfront.
Part 1: Interior Sandblasting and Installing the Plywood Subfloor
Part 2: New York Harbor Water Taxi Tour
Tom Fox, founder and former president of New York Water Taxi, takes Bob on a tour of the Brooklyn waterfront. Fox highlights various points of interest, including a sunken lightship, an abandoned sugar refinery, and once-derelict Civil War warehouses, which have been converted into cooperative work space.
Part 3: Metal Stud Framing