Installation of a Home Security Lock System

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 10, Part 1

A new high-strength MacLock deadbolt system is being installed on the entry door to the second-floor apartment in this episode. This state-of-the-art locking mechanism is perfect for city living and designed to more efficiently prevent break-ins.
In the main living space of the third floor apartment, a new Solserene acoustical ceiling from Owens Corning is being installed. This product involves a sheathing of cloth material stretched over insulated panels to reduce noise.

Out front, Bob catches up with Jed Walentas to talk about the work being done on the exterior. The pair take a look at the process of masonry tinting that is being done to restore the façade.
Part 1: Installation of a Home Security Lock System
Bob Vila meets with Alexis Willingham and Billy Carmen from MacLock and Wizard Industries, respectively. Willingham demonstrates the MacLock locking mechanism, which features a 28-inch long stainless steel blade (operated by a standard deadbolt system), which extends from the door into the doorframe, and prevents kick-ins. Carmen shows how easy the installation becomes if one uses the router plate that's included in the MacLock installation kit.
Part 2: Acoustical Ceiling for Sound Attenuation
Part 3: Brick Façade Restoration