Touring the Jonathan Adler Soho Boutique

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 12, Part 4

With major construction nearly complete in the penthouse apartment, interior design is ready to begin.

Project manager Chris Vila joins artisan Jonas Everets to learn more about the faux Marmorino finish that is being applied to the walls of the penthouse. A combination of marble dust, pigments, and plaster, Marmorino takes a bit of artistry to apply and gives the space a unique look. It is a multi-step process that involves masking-off the work area, applying a base primer coat, a top coat of tinted plaster, and finally a wax finish.

Next, Bob joins designers Jonathan Adler and Darren Brown to talk about their plans for the top-floor apartment. And finally, Bob travels into Manhattan to visit Adler's retail store in the SoHo shopping district.
Part 1: Applying Marmorino Plaster
Part 2: Waxing Venetian Plaster
Part 3: Planning the Decor
Part 4: Touring the Jonathan Adler Soho Boutique
Jonathan Adler invites Bob into his Soho boutique, which features an eclectic collection of furniture and housewares, including a low mohair lounge couch and bold, eye-catching needepoint pillows. Adler explains that he started off as a potter and often found himself working 12-hour days. Eventually, he found an organization called Aid to Artisans, which connects American artists with artisans in developing countries. Now, Adler makes a prototype and counterparts in Peru produce replications. Many things found in the boutique, Adler promises, will be used in the penthouse apartment.