Laying Down a Cobblestone Driveway Apron

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 9, Part 1

Bob takes a look at some hardscape work being done, specifically a new cobblestone driveway apron, but the real story is flooring.

On the first floor, Don and Kerry Carlisle from Carlisle Restoration Lumber (a supplier of reclaimed lumber) are on hand to tell Bob about the wide oak flooring that was chosen, and the milling process that goes into a Carlisle board.

Next, Howard Brickman explains different methods of flooring installation before beginning a gluing and nailing process in the kitchen. Moving to the dining room, Howard demonstrates a screwing and plugging technique, as well as the FloorWatch monitor system, which allows you to observe the moisture content of a floor remotely.
Part 1: Laying Down a Cobblestone Driveway Apron
Bob joins Jay Seminara (of Seminara Construction), who is in the process of laying down a new cobblestone apron at the edge of the driveway. The apron serves two purposes: one as an aesthetic feature, the other as a barrier for the seashells in the rest of the driveway.

Before the stones can be put in place, Seminara digs a trench and lays in stone dust. The dust acts as an adhesive, holding the stones in place. Next, Seminara dry-fits the cobblestones.

To finish the installation, he taps the stones into place with a 20-pound hammer and fills in the gaps with more stone dust.
Part 2: Traditional Hardwood Flooring from Carlisle
Part 3: Wideboard Hardwood Floor Installation
Part 4: Moisture Content and Vapor Barrier for Wood Floors