Wall Stenciling

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 22, Part 1

Bob focuses on the decorative interior finish work at the modern Colonial. First, he meets New England artisans Polly and Ken Forcier, who stenciling in the parlor. Ken explains how he uses a series of stencils to create a multi-layer design, and Bob tries his hand at the process. Offsite, Bob tours a selection of famous parlors featuring American decorative arts.
Part 1: Wall Stenciling
Decorator Leslie Curtis joins Bob in the modern Colonial project house parlor to discuss the room's wall treatments. In lieu of wallpaper, stencils are used to add a decorative touch to the interior walls, a decorating solution borrowed directly from early 19th-century America.

Artist Ken Forcier is on location to demonstrate the stenciling process, showing how the stencil patterns are laid out and applied to the wall before paint is brushed on.

Bob takes a turn at the brush, applying paint to one of the laser-cut Mylar stencils supplied by MB Historic Decor.
Part 2: Tour the Tappahannock Room at Winterthur
Part 3: Touring the Blackwell Parlor at Winterthur
Part 4: Wall Stenciling, Continued