Relocating the Front Door

Project: Victorian Restoration, Episode 3, Part 1

Contractor Charlie Tomaszewski and crew are hard at work moving the front door of the main house to accommodate a new entranceway. In addition, Tomaszewski is using an air-driven palm nailer to finish up work on new support beams.

Bob meets homeowner Julie Graham, who is working with Faith Allen from Merillat to create the new kitchen layout. Across town, Bob tours the Isaac Royall House.
Part 1: Relocating the Front Door
Bob works with general contractor Charlie Tomaszewski to move the Medford home's original front door. This will allow them to frame a proper foyer to catch the drafts during cold weather.

Because the house has a balloon frame, they won't be able to get a king stud in the same way they did when the house was originally framed. The new header for the front door will be constructed from two 2 x 10s sandwiched on a regular piece of one-inch board. It will be supported by two king studs and will provide the full dimension of the studs that were there.

In removing the sheathing, they discover that the home's original cedar clapboards had been covered, first with cedar shingles, later with man-made shingles. Next, they install new jack studs to support the door header and cut the sheathing to create the new opening. Finally, they move the old door frame into its new location.
Part 2: Touring the Isaac Royall House in Medford, MA
Part 3: Restructuring the First Floor and Kitchen Design
Located just five miles from downtown Boston, Bob's scouts discovered a Victorian-era house in a neighborhood of family homes on tree-lined streets that was past due for a full-scale renovation.

The home's new owners, a work-at-home family, have set goals to modernize the home's floor plan, update the building's mechanical and electrical systems, and add home office and work spaces for two busy professionals.