Lighting Design Discussed

Project: Loft Conversion, Episode 10, Part 1

With the electricians getting started on lighting at the loft project, Bob takes a look at how track lighting gets put together. Lighting designer Markus Earley gives Bob a tour of Lightolier's Tech Center in Fall River, MA, a working model that demonstrates the power of light to change the mood of a space. Back at the loft, an extra large mirror, a backlit shelf, and glass partitions for the shower stall are all installed.
Part 1: Lighting Design Discussed
Bob exhibits a complete proper lighting plan of the loft project. Plus, he meets Shawn and Bill (from Driscol Electric), who are hanging a suspended track light in the bedroom of the loft.

Bob also visits the Lightolier Tech Center in Fall River, MA, in business since 1904, when Lightolier made gas and electric lighting components. Markus Earley, manager of the Tech Center, gives Bob a tour of the facility, which demonstrates light quality, function, and design.
Part 2: Discussing Different Types of Light
Part 3: Installing a Mirror and Glasswork