Pumping Concrete to Make a Basement Floor

Project: Bob's Shingle Style Home, Episode 5, Part 1

In the basement, groundwork is being laid for a useful finished space. To save headroom, plumbing waste pipes have been laid in trenches in the existing floor and a new concrete slab is poured over it. Ryley and crew frame a new dormer for the family room. Bob visits a Georgia-Pacific sawmill in Georgia.

Part 1: Pumping Concrete to Make a Basement Floor
A slab is poured in the basement and work is underway to add two new dormers to the roof that will match the original one. The concrete needed for the basement floor arrives by mixing truck and is dispensed by pump truck. Before the concrete is pumped into the house, the concrete finishers add a mixture of bentonite and water to the pump lines so that it will flow freely. Bob talks with Mike Walker, the concrete finisher, who is working with the crew to pour the concrete floor. It is an all-day job to spread it smoothly, let it set, and go over the work.
Part 2: Touring a Georgia-Pacific Lumber Mill
Part 3: Adding a Third-Floor Dormer to the Roof
This project centers around the remodel of Bob Vila's own gracious Shingle Style home in Cambridge, MA. It's a house with a lot of history and beautiful architectural details, many of which were obliterated in remodels of the 50s and the 70s. On the centennial of the house's construction, Bob gets together the best talents in the business to recreate and renew it to its former glory, making some important modifications along the way that will transform this into a dream house for today.