10 Amazing Things You Can Buy for a Dollar

Is there any experience more satisfying than finding a good deal? With the cost of living on the increase, getting a good bargain is more important than ever. While rents, mortgages, car payments, tuition, and electronics costs may be on the rise, there are some items that you can still get for next to nothing.

  1. A Garden Hose Mender

    A Garden Hose Mender

    Don't let a cracked or punctured hose hold your garden back—or even set you back $30 for a replacement! Not when you can cut out the damaged area and splice the two good sections of hose back together for only a dollar. This small-but-mighty hose mender clamps to create a waterproof seal around your repair. Available at Dollar General; $1.

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  2. Citronella Tea Lights

    Citronella Tea Lights

    A dozen tea lights for a dollar? Yes, please! These half-dollar-sized lights create quite a twinkle in your outdoor living room. Plus, if you're picking up any candles at all for mood lighting while you dine al fresco, you'll want citronella: As they burn through dinner, the essential oil found in these lights deters mosquitos from feasting on you. Available at DollarGeneral.com; $1 for a pack of 12.

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  3. Drain Protector

    Drain Protector

    One of the least glamorous aspects of home maintenance: unclogging a shower or sink drain. Save yourself from the off-putting task with the Hosaire Tub Drain Protector, which retails for a mere 34 cents on Amazon. The flower-shaped silicone cover fits over both flat and pop-up drains to catch hair, dirt, and debris. Once the cover fills up, simply remove the build-up and toss it in the trash. No drain snakes or cleaners required! Available on Amazon; $0.34.

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  4. Stainless Steel Silverware

    Stainless Steel Silverware

    New silverware can set homeowners back dozens of dollars—unless they opt for this stainless steel collection from Target. Each piece of flatware costs $1, whether you buy a fork, spoon, or knife. The handles have both a both matte and shiny finish, allowing the timeless pieces to stun at every tablescape. Available at Target; $1 per piece.

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  5. Jute Twine

    Jute Twine

    You don’t have to hunt around for a good deal on twine. A few hundred of the material only costs about as much as cup of coffee, and most hardware and home stores keep it in stock. You gotta love it! In an age when the cost of goods rarely seems to reflect their value, what’s not to like about paying one lone dollar for something with a thousand day-to-day uses? Available at Dollar General; $1.

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  6. Grill Tools

    Grill Tools

    Kickstart the outdoor entertaining season with a brand-new set of grill tools. The FlamePro Basting Brush, Chrome Fork, and Chrome Tongs each retail for $1. Hey, not bad! If you’re a backyard barbecue buff, of course it makes sense to invest in top-quality tools you can use and abuse for years to come. But everyone else: if you’re willing to part with a trio of greenbacks, your summer starts here! Available at Dollar General; $1.

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  7. Adhesive Hooks

    Adhesive Hooks

    Whether you need to hang a wreath or you want a spot by the front door to hang your keys, adhesive hooks are a zero-effort solution. Without ever pulling out the toolbox or putting holes in the wall, you can stick them up where you want them and cross another item off your to-do list. Available at Dollar General; $1 for a pack of four.

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  8. Dry Erase Board

    Dry Erase Board

    Writing reminders on Post-it notes is a surefire way for messages to get lost in the shuffle of a fast-paced life. With a dry erase board, you can leave notes that won’t be ignored or forgotten. For only $1, it’s a cheap and simple way to keep your life organized. Available at Dollar General; $1.

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  9. STELNA Mug

    STELNA Mug

    If fragile cups and mugs don't have a long life expectancy in your home, you know the virtue of buying affordable yet durable dishes. That doesn't mean you must confine yourself to plasticware: This tempered glass mug from IKEA, designed to hold hot and cold liquids, is impact-resistant so that it lasts longer than some other materials, but it's so affordable that if it does break, it will cost only pennies to replace. Available at IKEA; $0.64.

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  10. Toaster Sandwich Bags

    Toaster Sandwich Bags

    Ah, grilled cheese, the quintessential comfort food. On a rainy day, there's nothing like pulling out the skillet and cooking up a couple slices of cheese and bread. But that's not the only way to cook your favorite hot sandwich. Pop your uncooked sandwich in a toaster bag, drop it in the toaster and cook to your preferred darkness. Perfect for kids or grown-ups who can't or don't want to turn on the stove. Available on Amazon; $0.02.

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