10 Creative Uses for Club Soda

Club soda, that bubbly constituent of cocktails and ice cream sodas, is made up of water, carbon dioxide, and minerals like sodium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate. While this fizzy refresher is usually thought of as a beverage, it has many surprising uses beyond the bar. Here are 10 unusual ways to incorporate club soda into your household cleaning and maintenance routines.

  1. Give Your Plants a Boost

    Water Plants with Club Soda

    Club soda gets its fizz from carbon dioxide, which escapes as a gas after the can or bottle is opened, causing the soda to go flat. When your soda loses its sparkle, don't just dump it out. Instead, use it to water your houseplants to give the soil a bit of a mineral boost, leaving you with healthy and fast-growing greenery.

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  2. Deodorize Pet Stains in Carpet

    Pet Odor with Club Soda

    Pet accidents can leave a lingering smell on your carpeted surfaces, even after the mess has been cleaned up. To neutralize the odor, pour some club soda on the soiled spot and let it sit for about five minutes. Then, blot dry with a paper towel.


  3. Polish Chrome Fixtures

    Polish Chrome with Club Soda

    Try wiping your chrome bathroom fixtures with a little club soda poured onto a cloth. The fizzy drink will break up the soap scum and other gunk, and won't leave those pesky water spots.

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  4. Loosen a Rusty Screw

    Club Soda for Rusty Screw

    If you’ve got a rusty screw that won’t budge, pour a little club soda on it and walk away for about five minutes When you come back, the fizz should have loosened up some of the built-up rust, allowing the screw to turn more easily so you won't have to struggle with your screwdriver.


  5. Make Scrubbing Easier

    Scrub Dishes with Club Soda

    After you've finished cooking dinner, pour a little club soda into any still-warm pots and pans that have stuck-on food residue. The soda will break up food particles, making the gunk much easier to scrape away.

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  6. Soften Stains on Porcelain

    Coffee Stains Club Soda

    Coffee and tea can leave ugly discolorations in your mugs. To banish the brown marks, fill your cup with club soda before you go to bed. The minerals will soften the stains so you’ll be able to gently scrub the cup clean in the morning.


  7. Banish Grease on Clothing

    Grease Stains Club Soda

    Loosen up a grease stain in double-knit fabrics by pouring a small amount of club soda onto the spot and gently scrubbing it. Then, send the item into the washer with a regular load, and say goodbye to any trace of oil residue.

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  8. Shine Stainless Steel

    Shine Stainless Steel with Club Soda

    With a bit of club soda, you can polish any stainless steel appliance. Simply pour club soda into a spray bottle, spritz the appliance's surface, then rub it with a soft cloth. Follow up by rinsing with warm water and wiping completely dry.


  9. Clean Your Windshield

    Clean Your Windshield with Club Soda

    Your car windshield endures lots of abuse from mud, road salt, bug splatters, and bird droppings. Keep a spray bottle filled with club soda in your car, and use it to clean your windshield whenever the gunk accumulates. The carbonated fizz in club soda breaks up the dirt, speeding up the cleaning process.

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  10. Make Your Mirrors Sparkle

    Shine Mirrors with Club Soda

    Say farewell to smudges, smears, and splatters on your mirrors by using a spray bottle of club soda instead of glass cleaner for a streak-free, odorless shine.


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