10 Essentials for an Authentic Home Movie Theater

Give theme-appropriate furniture and accessories top billing in your home movie theater.

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  1. 16mm Reel Clock


    Made from steel 16mm film reels, this battery-run clock is always on time for a good flick. Diameters and hand styles include 9.25" (with straight hands), 10.5" (with sword hands), and 15" (with tapered hands). Choose from black, chrome, silver, lab gray or brown finishes. Available at HTMarket, $80


  2. Walk of Fame Theater Carpet


    Made in four colors (burgundy, black, brown and navy), this star-studded carpet is stain-resistant and easy to care for. Numerous sizes are available, from standard area rug dimensions to wall-to-wall options. Available at Stargate Cinema, starting at $200


  3. Hollywood Popcorn Popper


    What’s a movie without the popcorn? You’ll never run out with this user-friendly popper that makes up to 85 quarts per hour and features perforations in the bottom stainless tray, so un-popped kernels fall into a separate drawer. The pedestal base includes two shelves for handy storage of popcorn supplies. Available at Standard Concession Supply, $460

    Standard Concession Supply

  4. Movie Posters


    From Star Wars and Braveheart to Casablanca and Wizard of Oz, there’s a movie poster to fit any home theater theme. Use these inexpensive works of art as is, or purchase them mounted on canvas with a protective varnish to prevent fading and offer natural acoustic absorption. Gone with the Wind poster measures 26" x 37.75". Available at movieposter.com, $14


  5. Home Theater Seating


    With optional features like bass shakers, cup holders, LED lighting, in-arm storage and removable tray tables, the Gain 40400 home theater seating model will have you never wanting to leave your seat. Excellent lumbar support and a high 43" seat back will keep you comfy for hours on end. Available at Theater Seat Store, starting at $720 per seat


  6. Sound Panels


    Decorative and hardworking, these sound panels are designed to add an artistic touch to walls or ceilings while greatly improving acoustic quality. Handmade by the Acoustic Sciences Corporation, they come in numerous sizes and custom designs. Available at ACS, starting at $89


  7. Decorative Sconces


    Choose from a collection of seven modern wall sconces designed to be hard-wired into your home theater walls. Offerings range from Art Deco to star-shaped styles. Most come in a wide range of colors, as well. Available at Cinema Builder, starting at $323


  8. Wood Columns


    American-made wood wall columns add a sophisticated lift to home theater rooms. Choose from eight styles and six wood finishes on solid maple with veneer. Optional sconce integration is also offered. Available at Cinema Shop, starting at $799


  9. Blackout Curtain


    Redolent of real theater curtains, these energy-saving window treatments block unwanted outside light and reduce intrusive noise. The classic styling suits traditional and modern decor, and the 50" panels come in three lengths: 63", 82", and 95". Choose from black, cafe, chocolate and stone blue. Available at Brookstone, $45


  10. Star Ceiling Kit


    Imagine watching Star Wars under your own ceiling of twinkling stars. Rather than limit you to a pre-arranged pattern, this kit lets you map out constellations and star positions wherever you want them. One kit is generally sufficient for a 6' x 6' ceiling area. Available at HTmart, $450


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