10 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the DIY Dad

From a lightweight drill to a personalized BBQ branding iron, these great gifts are sure to please any DIY dad this Father's Day.

  1. Tool Chest Pocket Knife

    Toolchestinyourpocket pocketknife


    Upgrade your dad's standard pocket knife with one that will make him feel like MacGyver. With the Tool Chest in Your Pocket, no matter where he travels (or what he encounters), he'll be equipped with a pair of stainless steel pliers, a saw, file, 2-inch ruler, 1-inch and 2-inch knives, bottle opener, nail cleaner, and two flathead screwdrivers with assorted bits. Sundance; $28

  2. BBQ Branding Iron

    Bbq brand


    With the Classic BBQ Branding Iron, your dad can put his own stamp on every steak and burger on the barbie. Alternatively, the stainless steel brand can be used to personalize wood or leather surfaces, too! Frontgate; $59.50

  3. Lithium Ion Drill



    The days of considering a lithium ion drill a luxury are in the past. With comparable prices, a lighter feel than other cordless drills, and a torque conversion designed for driving screws without stripping them, these small drills have become a must-have for the DIY dad. Shown here is Bosch's PS20-2A 12-Volt Max Pocket Driver. Amazon; $64.99

  4. Wallet Pen

    Wallet pen


    Never again will your father have to worry about his pen exploding in his shirt pocket. The Wallet Pen is a sleek, sterling silver luxury writing instrument handmade in Vermont to fit neatly and discreetly into his wallet. It's simple, elegant, and guaranteed for life. The Daily Grommet; $75, engraving options available.

  5. Gorilla Torch

    Gorilla torch2

    LL Bean

    If the words "Can you hold the light right there?" still ring in your ears from childhood, then the Gorilla Torch will relieve you of any future responsibility. With flexible, articulated, and magnetic legs, this portable lamp can be mounted pretty much anywhere. Dad can even wrap it around a nearby tree or mount it to the side of a car while he's changing a tire. LL Bean; $29.95

  6. Wood Tie

    Woodthumb recycledwood tie 2

    http://woodthumb.com/index .html

    For all the DIY dads with a sense of humor, the Wood Tie is the way to go. Lightweight and made from reclaimed redwood, this tie will certainly garner attention and help your dad make corny jokes at the next family get-together. Available in two sizes, and as a bow tie, too! Wood Thumb; $39.99

  7. Video Doorbell

    Vtech video doorbell


    Dad can do just about everything from his favorite chair, so why can't he answer the door too? The new VTech IS1700 series cordless phone and video/audio doorbell makes it possible not only to see but also converse with whoever is at the door, through the convenience of a handset. It's a phone too! VTech; (model shown) $119.95

  8. Artisan Leather iPhone Case

    Restorationhardware leatheriponecovers chestnut

    Restoration Hardware

    If you're thinking of something in leather, look beyond a belt! This Artisan-Crafted iPhone Case uses bark and leaf pigments to achieve its rich chestnut coloring. This case is sure to give a classy, old-world tailored look to dad's new-world smart phone. Restoration Hardware; $30

  9. Motorized Grill Brush

    Grill cleaner


    Let your dad spend his time cooking, not cleaning, by giving him a Motorized Grill Brush. Using steam instead of chemicals, this clever brass-bristle-brush gadget fights caked-on grease and grime without any arduous scrubbing required! Brookstone; $29.99

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