10 Foolproof Mother's Day Gifts You Can Find at Target

What can you get the woman who's given you everything? It's a valid question, and one that can cause no small amount of anxiety at this time of year. Luckily, you don't need to search high and low for something she'll love. There are some truly beautiful, useful, and perfect-for-any-mom items for sale at Target—just a short drive or website visit away.

  1. Recipe Keeper

    Recipe Keeper

    Since nothing beats a home-cooked meal, many mothers have a trusty collection of handwritten recipes hiding in the kitchen. Help mom corral the paper clutter with this Metal Recipe Box from Hand & Hearth with Magnolia. The handcrafted container holds hundreds of index cards inside its spacious interior. Plus, thanks to its silver-gray lacquered finish, the zinc box will also double as a sleek countertop decor piece. Available at Target; $14.99.

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  2. Mixologist's Cheat Sheet

    Mixologist's Cheat Sheet

    It seems like homemade cocktails are never quite as tasty as those prepared by a skilled bartender. But this Good Measures recipe glass eliminates the guesswork involved in mixing a drink, helping you create delectable beverages every time. Seven different hangover-busting drink recipes, including Bloody Mary and “Hair of the Dog,” are printed on the side of the 16-ounce glass. Using these for reference, mom will love showing off her new mixology skills to family and friends—and when she’s done using the glass, she can pop it into the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Available at Target; $10.99.

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  3. Leave a Message

    Leave a Message

    Remind Mom how much you love her with a note on a brand-new grooved letterboard. With 188 1-inch plastic letters and punctuation designed to pop against the black background, she'll appreciate the ample opportunities to spell out some motivation—or sarcasm—to get through each week of a full house once school let's out for summer. Available at Target; $12.99.

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  4. Breakfast in Bed

    Breakfast in Bed

    Having the first meal of the day ready and waiting for Mom before she even rolls out of bed in the morning is already a thoughtful gesture. Setting it up on a Chip-and-Jo-approved Hearth and Hand wooden tray with the set's floral placemat, handwritten menu, and (not pictured) miniature bunting that spells out "Love You"? Let's just say that, for a Fixer Upper fan, it doesn't get any better than that! Available at Target; $24.99.

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  5. Fitness Buddy

    Fitness Buddy

    Help your ever-busy mom keep track of her health and her to-do list with the Fitbit Versa Smartwatch. This lightweight smartwatch counts steps, monitors heart rate, and provides personalized insights for the fitness-minded mom. But this watch is more than just a workout buddy. It syncs with mom's favorite apps, so she can use it to receive and send messages, listen to music, and more. Available at Target; $199.95.

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  6. Cool Carafe

    Cool Carafe

    Rather than surprising your mom with a gift card to the nearby coffee shop, give her the gift that keeps on brewing—a cold brew coffee maker. Like the name suggests, cold brew coffee is steeped in cool water over a long period of time (at least 12 hours) to create a smooth, naturally sweet, and slightly less acidic taste than regular iced coffee—and the Primula Burke Cold Brew Caged Carafe makes it so simple to enjoy it at home. Simply place coffee grounds in the filter, add the filter to the carafe, then slowly fill with water. Keeping cool and caffeinated couldn't be easier! Available at Target ; $16.39.

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  7. Portable Picnic

    Portable Picnic

    If your mom looks forward to warm, sunny days spent lounging at outdoor concerts or theater in the park, help her enjoy the spoils of spring and summer with a brand-spanking-new picnic basket. Made of woven grass, this easy-to-pack-and-carry basket comes with reusable cups, plates, utensils, and a trusty corkscrew, so that she and a friend can unwind anywhere—in style. Available at Target; $39.99.

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  8. Fire Accent

    Fire Accent

    If she likes to play host on the patio or unwind in sight of her irises at the end of a long day, a fire accent will go a long way to improving her outdoor experience. This nearly two-foot-tall, propane-powered fire column adds drama and warmth to the deck, porch, or patio without compromising on safety. The flame is enclosed with heat-resistant glass and is controlled by a knob that can be securely switched into the off mode when it's time to go inside for the night. Available at Target; $99.99.

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  9. Designer Candles

    Designer Candles

    In its five-year run, the HGTV mega hit Fixer Upper won fans around the county, if not all around the world. If your mother was one of them—if she tuned in again and again to experience Chip and Joanna Gaines and their inimitable style—then give Mom something to remember them by! In partnership with the Gaines couple, Target now offers Hearth & Hand—a line of colorful yet classic lidded candles imbued with trademark Fixer Upper farm chic sensibility. Available at Target; $12.99.

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  10. Tiny Tech Upgrade

    Tiny Tech Upgrade

    "Hey Google". Simply saying those two words activates the Google Home Mini—a portable, voice-controlled digital assistant that delivers the full power of Google, whenever and wherever, and always without the hassle and interference of keyboards, screens, operating systems. Indeed, it's the rare sort of "just works" technology that holds as much appeal for the more geeky moms as it does for those who can't seem to go a day without encountering another computer crisis. Available at Target; $49.

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