10 Imaginative Garlands to Add Charm and Whimsy to Your Holiday Tree

Why settle for just beads when you can dress your tree with stringed-decorations made from felt, corks, bells and more. Check out these imaginative Christmas garlands that you can make yourself.

  1. Felt Polka Dots

    Polka Dots

    Bring a rainbow of color to your tree with a collection of felt circles. Just join them together with a simple straight stitch on a sewing machine. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to brighten up those branches.


  2. Corks and Wooden Beads

    Wine Cork Projects

    Put together a classy garland of wine corks and wooden beads. Drill holes lengthwise in the corks and thread them with natural jute or hemp twine, adding a few beads between each one. Great on a tree for the holidays or elsewhere throughout the year. It’s just one more reason to drink great wine.


  3. Paper and Twine

    Paper Garland

    Add some rustic charm to your trimmings with a paper-and-twine garland. All you need is some craft store Christmas paper, twine, and hot glue. This garland is so simple you could make one each year if you wanted to, although it will surely last for several seasons.


  4. Pom-Poms

    Pom Pom Crafts

    Alternate craft store pom-poms with paper straws for a funky splash of fun on your tree. It’s like a party on the pine needles! This is a great way to dress up a tree on a budget, particularly if you’re just setting up house or are low on ornaments.


  5. Colorful Candy

    Christmas Candy Ideas

    Hot glue the ends of wrapped hard candies together for the sweetest garland of all. Eye-popping color and shiny wrappers come together to make this accessory a standout. Best of all, it’s still edible when you take down the tree.


  6. Pipe Cleaners

    Pipe Cleaner Crafts

    Give a new twist to the traditional paper chain garland by using pipe cleaners. They are more delicate in form and available in glittery colors, lending your tree a special, homemade razzle-dazzle.


  7. Orange Slices

    Orange Peels

    For a natural garland, thread together dried orange slices. This is a very traditional holiday trimming, from the days when store-bought decorations were too costly or difficult to acquire. If you want the real deal, dry the slices yourself by placing them in the oven (150 degrees Fahrenheit) for approximately three hours.

    driedflowercraft.co .uk

  8. Feather Boa

    Easy Christmas Crafts

    Find a feather boa to nestle in the boughs of your tree. In angelic white or bold and bossy colors, it makes a truly fanciful impact.


  9. Bird Feeder Garland

    Christmas Crafts for Kids

    Trim a tree outside with a bird feeder garland made of bread, cranberries, and oat cereal. It's so simple, even the kids can play a part in giving the gift of Christmas to the great outdoors.


  10. Jingle Bells

    Chalkboard Paint Ideas

    String some jingle bells onto baker’s twine, and you'll have a cheerful and shiny addition to your Christmas tree. The metal will reflect the tree lights, and you’ll be instantly alerted should your cat start climbing the boughs again.


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