10 Inventive Ideas for a Perfect Porch

If your porch is feeling a little down, pump it up with these fantastic additions to turn the everyday porch into the one-of-a-kind.

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  1. Porch Style

    Windmark beach house porch swing hookedonhouses

    The porch is an opportunity to make a big first impression on visitors and passersby alike. Whether it’s front and center or a hidden respite in the rear of your house, your outdoor haven no doubt gives you countless of relaxation – so why not make it the best on the block? We searched high and low to find some of the most unique porches around to help you design one all your own.


  2. Circular Feature


    If your porch is already built onto your home, then why not spruce it up with a few creative features? A one-of-a-kind railing gives this basic porch an instant facelift, and combined with impeccable landscaping, this house looks as friendly and welcoming as they come.

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  3. Privacy


    If you crave more privacy but don’t want to block out fresh air and sunlight, we've got you covered. Here, the path to the door remains unobstructed while a built-in slatted wall creates a hidden spot to kick back and relax without putting yourself on display to the neighborhood. Bonus – the simple and modern wall adds instant allure to your home. 


  4. Outdoors/In

    Outdoors in

    A popular trend in residential architecture is the integration of the outdoors within the home. This porch, however, flips that trend on its head – the outdoor area is warmed up with touches worthy of the home’s living room! The ideal place to enjoy the fresh air while taking a break from the sun, a porch like this is the perfect addition to any lake house!

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  5. Foldaway Doors


    A line of foldaway doors completely opens this home up to the porch while allowing for a cross-breeze unlike any other. Don’t worry – a retractable screen can be released to stop any bugs from sneaking into your entryway. With an expansive view into the home, this traditional porch maintains its wow factor even when the foldaway doors are closed.


  6. Swing


    Unfortunately, a porch isn’t ideal for every house. If your grounds don’t permit the real thing, spruce up a delineated area in the front or back with a hanging swing. The sense of permanence it offers will give your patio a more formal feeling than any array of lawn furniture.

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  7. Screened-In


    This screened-in porch addition enables homeowners to enjoy the surrounding woods without worrying about pesky insect bites. Here, choosing a semi-circular layout rather than a straightforward rectangular addition upped the wow factor of a classic screened-in porch.

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  8. Color Highlighting


    Take a cue from the south (New Orleans to be exact) and highlight extensive detailing with a bright color palette. Lace railings and ornate features stand on their own in a neutral palette, but really shine when you add a little color.


  9. Slatted Roof

    Slatted ceiling

    We love the idea of mimicking the porch’s railing with a similar design overhead. A slatted ceiling would be eye-catching on its own, but the curved wall to ceiling design takes this porch's appeal to the next level — literally!


  10. Built-In Seating


    A porch is made for sitting — so why not incorporate some of that into the design? The double duty bench railing ensures a seat for everybody at your gatherings without the chaotic look of a mix of chairs. While the design here is quite modern, reclaimed wood could be used for a more rustic feel.


  11. Creative Railing


    Often the most overlooked aspect of a porch or deck, the railing provides a great opportunity to get creative. The intertwined pieces of wood seen here add a whimsical feel to the deck, both in its design and in the shadows at work on the ground.

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