10 Last-Minute Gifts Sure to Please on Mother's Day

Skip the bouquet of carnations this year, and make your mom smile with a lasting gift for the home.

  1. Say It with Paint


    If your mother has ever said, "I wish I had the time, money, or the help I need to repaint this room," then you know what to do! Buy the paint outright, if you know what color she would like. Or get a gift card to your local home improvement center and surprise her with a wrapped basket of supplies. For serious bonus points, do the job yourself and save mom the trouble.


  2. For the Garden

    Potting Bench

    Mothers who love gardening also will love any gift that eases the stress of kneeling for sustained periods. Show mom that you've got her back! Give her a potting bench like this one from Wayside Gardens!  


  3. Cleaning Power

    Shop Vac

    For mothers who are always renovating, there is the Shop Vac. Perfect for cleaning up in the wake of projects large and small, this a thoughtful, practical gift that keeps on giving.


  4. The Right Tools for the Job


    Particularly productive moms always appreciate superior gear. Both Fiskars and Felco manufacture affordable yet outstanding tools for gardening, lawn care, and crafting that are beloved by novices and veterans alike.


  5. Better Cookware

    Cast Iron Pot

    Any mother worth her salt in the kitchen deserves a pot, pan, or bar tool from the renowned cookware maker Le Creuset. The company's products come in a host of happy colors, and its huge inventory means you can add on to mom's collection year after year. 

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  6. A Little Pampering

    Home Spa

    Ultimate moms deserve ultimate relaxation. What better way is there to help her unwind than by arranging a spa day in her honor? Book one locally or splurge on a home spa kit, such as this heated aqua-jet foot bath from Brookstone.


  7. A Garden Journal

    Garden Journal

    If your mother's treasured planting beds continue to fill up with an expanding variety of flora and fauna, help her keep track of it all with a specialized garden journal like this one from Moleskine.


  8. Flowers That Last

    Heirloom Roses

    Put your own spin on the traditional floral bouquet: Present your mother with blossoms that will remain beautiful for years to come. Many varieties can be found at your local garden center, but consider one of these English delights from Heirloom Roses.


  9. A Clearer Picture

    Digital Camera

    Whether posting to a blog or sending emails to family members, creative moms love to snap pics of their projects. With so many colorful options from companies like Nikon and Canon, you are sure to find a camera that clicks!


  10. For Mind and Body


    No matter how she spends her waking hours, your mother is bound to appreciate some time out for herself. Set her up with a month of yoga classes at the local studio, or enroll her in a summertime painting class. Looking for a way you can spend time together? Sign yourself up for the class, too!


  11. For More...

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