10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Architecture Lovers

If you love architecture as much as we do, check out the 10 Instagram accounts that have been distracting us recently.

  1. On Instagram


    Instagram—the booming social media platform where users build profiles from smart-phone photographs—has grown from a for-friends-only sharing network to a full-fledged, brand-building tool. Savvy users include everyone from designers and florists to craftsmen and small business owners. Here are 10 architecturally minded Instagram accounts that have caught our eye.


  2. @fernandogguerra

    Modern Architecture

    Architect by training and architectural photographer by trade, Fernando Guerra shares his recent shoots, like this image of the San Sebastian condos by Studio Arthur Casas. His work is regularly published in various national and international publications, such as Wallpaper*, Dwell, and Icon—but you can catch all of it in real time by following his account.



  3. @franparente

    Aqua Tower Instagram

    Architectural, interior design, and lifestyle photographer Fran Parente delights us with a broad range of images, from a historic brick townhouse in New York to a stunning white- and blue-painted country church in Brazil to this dramatic skyward view of the Aqua Tower in Chicago.



  4. @ivozwek

    Geometry of Architecture

    If you love the geometry of architecture, you'll love the images from the Holland-based Ivo Zwek, which include the photo featured here. Delve into this account for near daily additions of stunning structures and art installations from the Netherlands.



  5. @_zuncho

    Museo Siqueiros

    Expect Mexican architect Daniel Ibarra to share innovative examples of green and modern design. Take La Tallera, shown here at the Museo Siqueiros in central Mexico, which heralds the public space and integrates the nearby plaza. Follow projects as they progress by visiting his account.



  6. Front Doors of New York

    New York Doors

    New York City-based designer Ashlina Kaposta's Instagram feed is quite simple: Interesting, unusual, and beautiful front doors of New York. Keep an eye out for more well-known entrances, like those to the American Museum of Natural History, the Puck Building, and the St. Regis Hotel.



  7. @mattscutt

    London Architecture

    London-based creative director Matt Scutt can be expected to share extreme angles of (predominantly) London fixtures. The Cutty Sark clipper ship, shown here, whose restored stern now sits under its glass-roofed visitors' center, is one shining example from this iPhoneographer's photo feed.



  8. @macenzo

    Education City

    As a member of SeeMyCity, a Dutch marketing project that aims "to show and market cities through unique and contemporary mobile photography," Dirk Bakker favors the graphic and the global. These characteristics are certainly evident in the large-scale patterns and clashing hues of buildings worldwide, like this image of Education City in Qatar.



  9. @dmeek

    St. Louis Architecture

    User @dmeek's Instagram feed features pulled-back shots of homes and industrial structures in the United States. He uses the Instagram photo filters to enhance his images, which favor high-contrast buildings against muted skies, like this home in St. Louis.



  10. @carloscopertone

    Best Instagram Accounts

    Carlos Copertone's account boasts curvaceous buildings from Helsinki to Bilbao, interior staircases from around the world, and commercial exteriors. Vertigo-prone perusers beware: Most of his shots are steep upward-facing angles!



  11. @dwellmagazine

    Dwell Instagram

    Dwell magazine's feed provides daily updates on featured content, architecture, and design from Dwell's editorial team. Recent photos include the Barajas Airport in Madrid, shown here, designed by architects Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers.



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