10 Reasons to Love Architectural Salvage

A sample of what you can find shopping for architectural salvage.

  1. One-of-a-Kind Chandeliers

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    Adam and Eve Architectural Salvage

    In addition to period chandeliers, pendants, lanterns, and sconces, there are many vintage, one-of-a-kind fixtures to be found, like this Safari architectural bronze chandelier with elephants, monkeys, lions, and giraffes at Adam and Eve Architectural Salvage in West Palm Beach, FL.

  2. Antique Garden Planters

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    Salvage One Circular Stone Planter

    Garden and patio items can be found in abundance—antique urns, fencing gates, terracotta pieces, benches, and fountains. This exquisite, over-sized circular stone planter with its weathered paint finish is one of the garden treasures to be found at Salvage One in Chicago, IL.

  3. Vintage Signs

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    West End Salvage

    Antique and vintage signs are highly sought after by collectors—and homeowners—for their beauty and historic value. Everything from soda, to automotive, to farm equipment can be found in wood, enamel, tin, and neon varieties. This collection of road and traffic signs is available at West End Architectural Salvage in Des Moines, IA.

  4. Fireplace Mantels

    Recyclingthepast pine federal mantel bob vila architectural salvage resize20111123 36322 14ljdg3 0

    Recycling the Past

    Salvage is a great way to find historic mantels. This Federal-style fireplace mantel in solid pine was rescued from a mid-19th Century, 121-acre estate in exclusive Middletown, NJ. Truly a spectacular early mantel with finely carved woodwork, pilasters, and serpentine mantel shelf, at Recycling the Past, Barnegat, NJ.

  5. Antique Street Pavers

    Gavin historical bricks antique metropolitan street pavers bob vila architectural salvage 620111123 36322 1jz7dur 0

    Gavin Historical Bricks

    For anyone in search of antique bricks and pavers, you will find a large inventory at Gavin Historical Bricks—the largest supplier of antique specialty bricks, pavers and cobblestones in the country. The Metropolitan Street Pavers, shown here, are 100+ years old, smooth from wear, and radiant with their true red color. Gavin Historical Bricks, Iowa City, IA.

  6. Windows, Mirrors and More

    Olde good things copper dormer mirror bob vila architectural salvage snapshot 2011 09 12 23 59 4420111123 36322 13hzd9g 0

    Olde Good Things

    Salvaged windows are purchased for their intended purpose or recycled into works of art and mirrors. Definitely on the grander side of the latter is this beautiful, substantial mirror made from a copper dormer window surround salvaged from the Carnegie Mansion. Measuring 9' H x 8' W x 21"D, the all-copper mirror with natural patina is at Olde Good Things in Los Angeles, CA.

  7. Wood Balusters

    Pinchofthepast balusters3 bob vila architectural salvage20111123 36322 pv1mbt 0

    Pinch of the Past

    For homeowners looking for authentic details—and replacements—a selection of wooden baluster sets like these (from Pinch of the Past in GA) are a real find. Examples shown, left to right: butter yellow-painted pine balusters; white exterior pine balusters; beige pine balusters; and red Barley Twist Oak balusters.

  8. Reclaimed Roofing Tiles

    Queencity architectural salvage tiles bob vila architectural salvage100 017520111123 36322 11codzr 0

    Queen City Antiques

    Whether you are looking for original, reclaimed Red Heinz Spanlock clay roof tiles, or something more exotic, like these blue-glazed tiles, you are sure to find it at Queen City Architectural Salvage in Denver, CO—the Rocky Mountains' leading architectural salvage company.

  9. Vintage Plumbing

    Vintageplumbing wolff pedestal sink bob vila architectural salvage 334 wolffped920111123 36322 1w0vxn3 0

    Vintage Plumbing Bathroom Antiques

    The two most remodeled rooms of the house keep salvagers in a steady supply of both antique and vintage tile, faucets, appliances, sinks, toilets, tubs, and lighting. This rare, circa 1902 Wolff pedestal sink with ornamental 7" back splash—only the second one that Vintage Plumbing in Los Angeles, CA, has ever seen—is sold. But the store offers a huge inventory of sinks, tubs, and more.

  10. Salvaged Lumber

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    Nor'East Architectural Salvage

    Whether dismantled from weathered barns and old houses or dredged from river bottoms, salvaged wood—though desirable to many—is not terribly inexpensive. This rough-sawn spruce joist stock, measuring 3" x 12" x 10', was reclaimed from the First Baptist Church in Salem, MA, and sold by Nor'East Architectural Antiques in South Hampton, NH.

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