10 Simple Home Staging Tips Every Seller Should Know

Putting into action a few simple home staging tips will help your house stand out from the pack in today's improving market.

  1. For Sale

    For Sale

    Home staging may not seem hugely important, but in today's improving real estate market, the tiniest detail could mean the difference between "For Sale" and "Sold." Click through to read all of our top tips on staging your home for sale and watch the bids come flying in!


  2. Curb Appeal

    Curb Appeal

    You may have spent hours making sure the kitchen is clean, and doing so is worth the effort. But remember, the facade is the first part of your house a potential buyer will see. A little landscaping can go a long way. Strapped for time? Potted plants placed around the front door will add welcome charm to your entryway.


  3. Nix the Pics

    Family Pictures

    You want to enable potential buyers to easily imagine themselves living in your place—so don't compromise the fantasy with pictures from your aunt's 90th birthday party. Instead, help other people connect with the house by disconnecting yourself from it.


  4. Update the Furniture


    Sure, house hunters aren't in the market for your furniture, too, but that old living room sofa isn't helping your house stand out from the rest. Try giving worn-out pieces a pick-me-up with new pillows or a slipcover.


  5. Rearrange

    Furniture Arrangement

    Think about switching around the furniture in some rooms. Your preferred setup may not be the most appealing one to would-be buyers. Where logical, opt for a social layout that makes it easy to envision the space being enjoyed among family and friends.


  6. Go Neutral

    Neutral Colors

    If you're willing to pick up a paintbrush, tone down any bold color choices in favor of neutral colors schemes that will make the rooms in your house more palatable for all potential buyers, no matter their personal style preferences.


  7. Kitchen and Bath

    Kitchen and Bath

    During home staging, your bathrooms and kitchen deserve extra attention. The kitchen in particular can make or break a buyer's overall opinion of your home, so if you have reservations about its condition, consider budget-friendly quick fixes.


  8. De-Clutter


    Stow everything not essential to your daily life: Remove appliances from counters, clear magazines from table tops, and take your boots out of the mudroom. A house on the market should appear ready for a new occupant.


  9. Don't Hide It

    Don't Hide It

    As you're clearing away the clutter, keep in mind that buyers visiting your home may look in every corner of every room. So don't try hiding all your stuff in one closet! Your stash is sure to be discovered, leaving house hunters to wonder what other secrets may lurk under your roof.


  10. Fresh Air

    Fresh Air

    Open a window. Doesn't your home feel more homey and inviting already? Opening windows at least ten minutes prior to showings will ensure that your space smells fresh and doesn't feel stuffy.


  11. Scrub-a-dub-dub

    Clean House

    We cannot stress enough how important cleaning is in home staging. Scrub grout lines in the shower, wipe your window blinds, and wash the concrete floor in your garage. Let no detail go unnoticed! Clean everything.


  12. Final Touch

    Final Touch

    To make your house irresistible, remember to add a few thoughtful final touches. A bright tablecloth or a vase of fresh-cut flowers can really perk up a room, making your house as welcoming—and worthy of sale—as possible.


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