10 Simply Genius Ideas for Laundry Room Storage

The laundry need not be a mere workroom. Add style, convenience, and organization with these easy laundry room storage solutions.

  1. Space-Saver


    Looking for a convenient landing place for laundry essentials? This space-saving shelf, from Household Essentials, fits over washers and dryers with ledges (even top loading models) to provide convenient storage for detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, and more. Available on Amazon; $18.95.

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  2. Laundry Basket

    Laundry Basket

    Laundry is all about containment, and this collapsable laundry basket is a perfect solution. Made from heavy-duty polyester with spring wire construction, the basket folds flat when not in use. Best of all, its lightweight, airy construction helps keep moisture or damp issues in check. Available on Amazon; $11.12.

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  3. Laundry Sorter

    Laundry Sorter

    Colors, whites, and darks? Or dirty, dirtier, and really dirty? Whatever criteria you use for separating laundry, this laundry sorter from Simple Houseware will make it easier. Featuring three sturdy canvas bags housed in a steel frame with rolling casters, this handy unit can hold 13 gallons of clothes in each compartment. Available on Amazon; $49.99.

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  4. Wall Storage

    Wall Storage

    Maximize wall space with The Container Store's elfa shelving and drawer components. These birch shelves not only add a sleek, modern look to the laundry, but provide abundant loose and contained storage options. Consider additional features like hanging rods and rolling carts to cover all of your laundry-room bases. Available on Amazon; custom pricing.

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  5. Clothes Hamper

    Clothes Hamper

    Made from woven natural water hyacinth fibers, this divided hamper features two spacious compartments with removable canvas liners to keep laundry sorted. It features simple side handles to make carrying easy. Available on Amazon; $94.74.

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  6. Laundry Cart

    Laundry Cart

    If you've always admired the old-fashioned laundry carts used in hotels and professional laundries, you can now have one of your own. This industrial-sized beauty is made using heavy-duty canvas and rugged thermoplastic trim. The sturdy metal frame and rubber wheels allow you to move up to 200 pounds of dirty laundry with ease. Available on Amazon; $69.99.

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  7. Garment Rack

    Garment Rack

    With two rods for hanging shirts, skirts, and slacks, and a bottom shelf for additional storage, this heavy duty garment rack is a handy addition to any laundry room. Telescoping rods allow you to adjust the height and width to hold up to 250 pounds of clothes in one convenient moveable closet. Available on Amazon; $46.99.

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  8. Drying Rack

    Drying Rack

    This wall-mounted drying rack is crafted in moisture-resistant composite wood for durability and beauty. When put into service, the drop-down rack tilts out at three different angles to hold clothes, delicates, or accessories. Hand-laundered items never had it so good; neither have you. Available on Amazon; $145.

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  9. Clothes on the Line

    Clothes on the Line

    If you're looking to make your laundry chores more pleasurable—and reduce your home's energy consumption—why not step outside? There is nothing more refreshing than clothes air-dried naturally outdoors. However, if you'd rather not air your laundry for all your neighbors to see, you can install a simple retractable laundry line in your laundry area. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

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  10. Don't Miss


    If you must do laundry (and you must), you might as well make the chore as easy as possible. We've rounded up the best buys to make your laundry room safer, cleaner, and more productive. Even better? They can all be had for a bargain. Go now!