10 Smart Cord Management Solutions Under $50

The first step to organizing your electronics is recognizing that they need to be organized. Since most of us use our gadgets daily, you might not even think about how much space they take up on the coffee table, the night stand, the ledge of the sink… not to mention how much brain space you use each time you have to ask yourself where you left it last. Electronics are supposed to make life easier, so take control of your adapters, chargers, plug-ins, and power savers, before they take over your living space. There are plenty of great products out there to make your life in the 21st century more streamlined. Here are a ten we like.

  1. Order in Chaos

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    The first step to organizing your electronics is recognizing that they need to be organized. While there are plenty of great products out there to help you save space and avoid clutter, here are ten budget-friendly wire management solutions we love.  

  2. Bluelounge Cable Boxes

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    Wires are a fact of life, but these sleek cable boxes keep them under wraps. Simply place your surge protector and power strips inside the box, store the excess cable lengths, and close the lid. Avaible in black and white for $29.95 at Bluelounge

  3. Oxo Multicharger

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    This multicharger has a power strip for up to three devices in its base. When you're not charging, simply close the top, and the cords will be tucked safely away. $39.99 at Oxo.com

  4. Dotz Cord Identifiers

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    Color-coded cord identifiers instantly answer the question of which plug goes with what. $8.29 for a pack of five at Office Depot

  5. Applecore Wrap

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    The bright color and cute design make this cord wrap a pleasure (and a breeze) to spot in the bottom of a bag or drawer. $3.49 each at The Container Store.

  6. Nite Ize Gear Ties

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    These durable ties come in a variety of sizes to control any type of electronic clutter. Available at REI in various sizes, colors, and combinations from $4.50 

  7. Evriholder Cable Zipper Cord Organizer Kit

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    Cord zippers consolidate inevitable but unsightly tangles of wires into one smooth rope. Available at Amazon.com  in black and white and in various sizes from $9.95.

  8. Shift3 Executive Charging Station

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    With its plush leather and sliding drawers, this multi-charger offers the added bonus of elegant storage options. Available at Overstock.com for $23.49.

  9. Cabledrop Cable Clips

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    These mini cord holders position laptop or cell phone plug-ins right where you need them. Various packs of six, ranging in colors, available for $9.95 from Bluelounge

  10. Electro Man Extension Cord

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    This fun extension cord’s outlets are arrayed around the surge protector, so large plug-ins don’t block access to the next outlet. $21.99 from Organize.com

  11. The DIY Solution

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    Emily Burns Morgan

    Lots of these products can easily translate into DIY projects. Even simpler, though, is using the desktop organizers you already have for a new purpose. Here, I turned a standard plastic drawer organizer into an electronics filing system.

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