10 Stained Glass Windows We Love

From cabinets to ceilings, bright colors to abstract shapes, stained glass is making a comeback, and it's not just for cathedrals anymore.

  1. Faux Stained Glass

    Faux Stained Glass

    If a custom-made piece of stained glass is not in your budget, you can fake it for less. Options in prefabricated or customizable window film can deceive even the sharpest eye. 


  2. Stairway Landing

    Stairway Landing

    An accent window on the second-floor landing of this 1905 Tudor Revival provides a clue to the background of the subdivision’s developer, a member of a Cleveland shipping family.


  3. Geometric Front Door

    Geometric Front Door

    Everyone who enters this home is greeted by an intricate stained-glass pattern inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright-designed windows. The fresh red and blue hues fantastically complement the rich wood of this entryway.


  4. Hidden Entries

    Hidden Entries

    Stained glass on interior doors can provide both privacy and interest to those on each side of the threshold. Here, the bright tones of the glass are enhanced by the surrounding wood and cement.


  5. Private Dining

    Private Dining

    A stained glass window gives this dining room some privacy from the outside world, all the while projecting a warm glow on its occupants.


  6. Custom Transom

    Custom Transom

    Make your front door unique with a custom, stained-glass transom. You could choose a scene or color scheme that means something to your family, or opt for a stylish display of your house numbers—the possibilities are endless!


  7. Spectacular Ceiling

    Spectacular Ceiling

    The ceiling of this room is both focal point and artistic masterpiece. Warm light filters through and blankets the room in a rosy glow.


  8. Room Divider

    Room Divider

    Unda Design has created a room divider that refuses to be ignored. Bold, bright, and unique, this screen marries the elegance of stained glass with the playful feel of circles and primary colors.


  9. Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets take on an iridescent sheen with leaded stained glass in the doors. Contemporary brushed nickel hardware provides a juxtaposition that keeps it all looking modern.


  10. Fireplace Screen

    Fireplace Screen

    A bit of the garden can be enjoyed indoors with this floral fireplace screen, which gives the room a glow even when there’s no fire lit behind it.


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