10 Things People Get Wrong About Decorating Small Spaces

We’ve all been told the “rules” for decorating small spaces—and we’re here to tell you to go ahead and break them.

  1. All Those Little Rules

    Small space decorating ideas

    For as long as people have been decorating their homes, there have been rules for getting it exactly right—and the rules just seem to multiply when your space is especially small and your goal is to make it seem bigger. Don't give in to the rules! Instead, read on to find out what everyone gets wrong about decorating in small homes, then take some of our tips for creating the perfect space, no matter the square footage.


  2. Paint Doesn't Have to Be Light and Bright

    Dark paint in small spaces

    You've probably heard more than once in your life that painting a room a dark color can make it feel cave-like and small, but the opposite can actually be true. Bobby Berk, a designer of “Queer Eye” fame, points out that dark walls can give depth to a room, but be sure to use a matte finish and choose accessories that add contrast to keep things looking large.

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  3. Your Furniture Doesn't Have to Be Small

    Large furniture in small spaces

    Some would say that living in a small space means having to sacrifice your dream of sprawling out on a huge sectional—or does it? Small furniture can actually make a room look and feel even smaller, so don’t be afraid to get that large dining table or a big, comfy sofa. Just be sure that there's plenty of room to walk around, and be careful not to create any tripping hazards.


  4. You Don’t Have to Have Marie Kondo-Level Organization

    Organization for small spaces

    No matter the size of your space, it’s always good practice to clear the clutter so it doesn’t overwhelm. But that doesn’t mean you have to go full KonMari just because you live in a small home. Even small spaces can allow maximalists to show off collections or maintain a large library.


  5. Your Area Rug Can Be Large

    Large area rug in small space

    Although the conventional wisdom is to choose a small rug for a small room, doing so can have the surprising effect of actually making your space appear more confined. Opt instead for an area rug that can accommodate all your furniture, which will help visually expand the room.

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  6. Your Lighting Doesn't Have to Be Recessed

    Lighting ideas for small spaces

    When working with a smaller space, designers often go with recessed lighting to give the illusion of sky-high ceilings. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t have any light fixtures that take up space. A well-placed pendant or chandelier not only makes a big statement in a room, but it also draws the eyes up, pulling focus away from the lack of square footage.


  7. Not Everything Needs to Be Neutral

    Colorful decor in small spaces

    While it’s true that neutrals can make a space appear bigger, it doesn’t mean you always have to limit yourself to neutrals in a small area. Don’t be afraid to add bold, vibrant colors to break up the monotony of whites, creams, or grays.

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  8. You Don’t Need to Use Only Small Patterns

    Big pattern in small spaces

    Small room equals small patterns, right? Not so, actually. In fact, large patterns on wallpaper or artwork are perfect for adding major style to a room without taking up any square footage.


  9. You Can Have Large-Scale Art

    Large art in small spaces

    Large-scale art isn’t reserved for just those who are lucky enough to have tall ceilings and plenty of vertical real estate. Although it's generally accepted that small rooms should have proportionally sized artwork, a single grand piece can make a space appear larger than life.


  10. Your Furniture Doesn't Have to Be Multipurpose

    Single use furniture in small space

    Multipurpose furniture is common in tiny digs for obvious practical and space-saving reasons. Don't, however, try to make every piece of furniture serve double duty. If you absolutely love a particular end-of-the-bed bench but it lacks storage, go ahead and purchase it.

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