10 Things You Had No Idea You Can Rent

Owning isn't always the best option. Sometimes renting makes more sense, especially for very expensive or rarely used items. Check out these 10 things you might be surprised to learn you can rent!

Camping Equipment

Rent Camping Gear

If your camping excursions come few and far between, consider renting gear rather than investing in it. You’ll save yourself some money and, perhaps even more importantly, you won’t have to waste precious storage space to stash a bunch of rarely used equipment.

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Rent Plants

If you need to transform a space with living decor, professional plant rental may be just what you need. A few rented plants can make a huge change in the atmosphere of a room, whether an office or a party space. 

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Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower Rental

Is your lawn mower out being serviced? You can rent one in the meantime, so you never miss a cut. 

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Rent Goats

Do you want to ditch that lawn mower altogether? Go green by renting goats to do your landscaping maintenance. They'll munch away invasive plants and naturally fertilize your lawn without the need for potentially harmful chemicals.

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Kitchen Equipment Rental

Don’t have a 60-quart stockpot for the shrimp boil you’re planning? No problem! You can rent that. In fact, you can rent almost any kitchen equipment you can imagine, from pots to appliances.  

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Baby Toys

Rent Baby Toys

It’s true—kids grow out of stuff fast. So, rent that baby jumper instead of buying it. You really only need it for six to eight weeks, anyway.

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Rent Drone

Have you always wanted to fly a drone but weren’t ready to make the investment? Rent one for a day or even a week, so you can give it a try before you take the leap. 

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Rent Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive, but you don’t have to buy them—new or used. Instead, rent textbooks, in print or electronic form, for a fraction of the cost.

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Arcade Games

Rent Arcade Games

Impress and entertain your friends by renting some great arcade games for your next big shindig. Foosball, pinball, Skee-ball, and even Pac-Man can be yours for a daily rental charge.

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Breathalyzer Rental

Believe it or not, you can rent a breathalyzer for your next big party. What a great way to give yourself and your guests peace of mind when they leave your event.

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