10 Unexpected Spots for Accent Colors

When it comes to bringing new colors into your home, why limit yourself to the walls? Add accent colors in these 10 unusual places to brighten your living space.

  1. Interior Doors

    Painting Doors

    Homeowners often give special thought to the color of exterior doors, but interior doors can also deliver a punch of color to a hallway or neutral room. Woodwork around windows and along floorboards can be painted to match the door or be kept white, allowing the door itself to command full attention.


  2. Floors


    When searching for an ideal spot to coat with color, the answer may lie beneath your feet. Painted floors are a fun and energetic decorating idea, whether you opt for a solid color or a lively pattern—like this kid's room with its alternating blue-hued stripes.

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  3. Ceilings

    Painted Ceilings

    Let's face it—ceilings are often overlooked in the grand scheme of a home's decor. Few of us realize the hidden potential they hold in adding an extra dash of color to a room. In this pared-down kitchen, a purple ceiling brings a touch of whimsy to a crisp space.

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  4. Painted Furniture

    Painted Furniture

    A coat of paint can transform any wooden furnishing into an accent piece, whether it’s a dresser, side table, bed frame or arm chair, just to name a few. Be creative—rather than painting the piece in a solid hue, try your hand at creating stripe or chevron patterns, or a combination of both.

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  5. Window Seats

    Window Seat Ideas

    Painting a window seat alcove in a favorite color can enhance your mood when relaxing in the space. The colors you choose might reflect the view outside, like a grass green or sky blue, or simply be a cheerful hue you love, like this bedroom's warm tangerine, that offsets a more neutral palette.

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  6. Staircases

    Painted Staircase

    Stair risers are the perfect spots for a touch of color. The shade you choose can coordinate with hues found elsewhere in the house, or it can stand alone. In this eye-catching example, homeowners created a painted runner with striped borders to give this stairway a lift. 

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  7. Dining Chairs

    Painted Chairs

    Many homeowners prefer to paint the walls in a dining area an inviting hue, like tomato red or apple green. Equally stunning, however, is a neutral space in which an everyday table is surrounded by brightly colored chairs. As an added benefit, mismatched pieces can be unified with the same color. 

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  8. Bookshelves

    Bookshelf Ideas

    Painting the inside of a bookcase serves two decorating purposes: It adds color to a room in an unexpected way and also makes an attractive backdrop for whatever you put on the shelves. To increase visual interest, group books and accessories by color or by theme, like the nautical one here.

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  9. Storage Units

    Storage Ideas

    Practical storage cabinets don’t need to blend into the background. Here, a hallway's wall unit was painted a sunny yellow. A high-gloss finish underscores the homeowner's bold design statement.

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  10. Collections

    Color Ideas

    Collections can add color to a neutral-colored room. Your possessions might display a subtle hue, like the collection of jade pottery seen here, or they might paint a bold brushstroke of color in an otherwise subdued space. Choosing a work of art that incorporates the same color as your collection can be a pleasing addition to the arrangement.

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