10 Ways to Set a "Natural" Thanksgiving Day Table

Draw from autumn's bounty to dress your holiday table naturally.

  1. Pumpkins


    Even though Halloween is past, pumpkins and gourds make great table decorations. That includes white pumpkins, too!  Here, a grouping of different-sized white pumpkins and natural-hued ceramics set a distinctive Thanksgiving Day table.


  2. Fall Branches

    Fall Branches

    Branches create a natural centerpiece for this outdoor setting, but they can be equally dramatic indoors.  If you still have trees and shrubs with autumn-colored leaves consider using them to decorate your Thanksgiving Day table.  Just remember to keep them a reasonable height for dining, or remove them when the meal is served.


  3. Fresh Fruit

    Fresh Fruit

    Nothing could be simpler—or more natural—than using a piece of fruit to hold a place card or decorate a place setting.  If pomegranates are not to your liking (or in your color scheme), consider tying a hole-punched card to a pear with raffia, or securing a place card in a pine cone.


  4. Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves

    Nature offers an abundance of color this time of year, so use it to your advantage. Here, napkins (loosely tied with ribbon) are topped with golden-hued leaves. The centerpiece of pillar candles and fruit carry through on the theme.


  5. Cork Leaves

    Cork Leaves

    If you don't have a ready supply of real leaves, consider creating some of your own.  These were made with stencils and thin sheets of cork (both of which you can purchase at craft/art supply stores).  In addition to adding style, these leaves also serve as handy, decorative trivets.


  6. Flowers


    Flowers don't always have to go in a vase. This table is distinguished with a single bloom at every place setting.  Not only does it make each guest feel more special, it eliminates the need to look over and around a larger, centered bouquet of flowers.


  7. Twigs and Kids

    Twigs and Kids

    Let the kids help decorate the table.  With some short twigs, craft paper, colored markers and tall drinking glasses they can create a cheery "Happy Thanksgiving" greeting for all.

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  8. Indian Corn

    Indian Corn

    Normally hung on a door this time of year, Indian corn can be a beautiful addition to the Thanksgiving Day table.  Here, the corn is inserted vertically into glass vases to create the look of centerpieces, then decorated with a ribbon and glued on button.


  9. Acorns


    Just as you are likely to find pinecones on your lawn this time of year, the same is true of acorns.  No reason not to bring them to the harvest table.  Fill a glass vase with them for decoration or, if you are the crafty type, consider making acorn napkin ties like those shown here.

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  10. Wheat


    Golden-hued wheat is certainly a symbol of the season and the Thanksgiving table.  Create miniature sheaves bound with ribbon, or simply use the wheat to create a casual centerpiece of candles, gourds and fruit.


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