10 Ways to Wake Up Your Yard for Spring

Outdoors and in, take care of a few simple tasks now to bring your house out of winter hibernation!

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  1. Plant a Window Box


    Few tasks put us in a spring mood like planting window boxes. It’s as simple as buying potting mix and plants. A planter that’s a couple inches shorter than the width of the window looks best. For a stand-out look, include plants with a variety leaf sizes, colors, and growth habits—trailing, compact, spiky and so on.


  2. Check Your Garden Tools


    Give your gardening tools and equipment a good once-over now so that you're ready for heavier landscaping work later in the season. Sharpen blades; replace weak or broken handles; and tighten any loose nuts, bolts, or screws. Plus, don't forget to test the garden hose for leaks!


  3. Test Your Soil


    Test your soil’s pH—only then can you confidently plan for soil amendments like fertilizer. Home centers and hardware stores carry basic kits, any of which will prove fairly accurate if you closely follow the directions. Since soil composition varies, take samples from several places around your property.


  4. Seeds, Trees, and Bushes


    Don't delay! Now is the time to order seeds, bushes, and trees so that you can plant once the the last frost has passed. As a convenience, saving you the hassle of storage, many online or catalog vendors will delay sending your purchases until the time comes to put them in the ground.


  5. Ready Your Deck


    Before heading outdoors to entertain, clean the surface of your deck and as you go along, inspect the structure for any issues in need of repair. Fix loose handrails, steps, and deck boards as soon as possible and if appropriate for your decking material, add a fresh coat of sealer. Last but certainly not least, fire up that grill!


  6. Clean Your Rugs


    Your rugs have spent the long winter under the treads of slushy, salty boots—they deserve a little TLC. Once the weather starts to warm up, DIY rug cleaning is the perfect project to tackle when you can only spare an hour or two. So get out your vacuum and garden hose and ready your rugs for another year of cushioning footfalls.


  7. Service Your Lawn Mower


    Along with spring comes the ritual of lawn mowing. Make sure you’ll be ready once the grass starts getting high. Change the oil in your mower, replace its spark plug or plugs, and swap in a new air filter. Also, clean the cutting blade; if it's dull, have a professional do the sharpening.


  8. Touch Up Paint


    As the days get longer and brighter, sunlight suddenly reveals all those bumps and scuffs that your walls sustained over the winter. Take the first opportunity you get to open your windows wide, then start painting! Soon, your house will feel as fresh inside as spring does outside.


  9. Replace Your Mulch


    Adding an inch or two of mulch to your planting beds is a surefire way to clean up the look of your garden or yard. Plus, mulch helps retain moisture, inhibits weeds, and feeds your soil. Just be sure not to suffocate your plantings—leave a little breathing room.


  10. Organize Your Garage


    When the weather gets warm, your family will be racing for bikes, scooters, and other recreational items that spent the winter hibernating in your garage. To ensure that everything fun is easily accessible, give your garage a good clean-out, wash, and reorganization.


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