11 Awesome Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Your garage keeps things out of sight and out of mind, but are you utilizing the space in the best way? Get organized with these innovative up-high storage ideas.

Create a Neat and Inviting Garage

neat overhead garage storage

If you don’t have much storage space at home or you simply own a lot of things, it’s a great idea to see if you’re truly maximizing the space you do have. An ideal place to start is your garage. It’s likely that once your vehicle is parked inside, there may not be much obvious extra room for storage. After all, you still need to move around freely and safely.

Overhead garage storage is a simple answer to this common problem. Your garage ceiling isn’t being used for much else, so why not utilize it as best you can? You could tackle a DIY project to save time and budget, or simply take a look at some of the best space-saving overhead garage shelving and storage solutions on the market.


Ceiling Racks

ceiling racks garage

Ceiling racks use adjustable metal brackets that affix to ceiling studs and can hold a lot of weight, sometimes up to 600 pounds. This type of overhead garage storage, like this ceiling rack from Wayfair, is tucked out of the way and requires a step stool or ladder to access. For this reason, it’s perfect for things you don’t often use, like holiday decorations.

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Industrial Shelving

industrial shelving garage

Industrial shelving is tough, sturdy, and perfect for organizing items in a garage. This model from The Home Depot is ideal for smaller items since its dense wire grids prevent things from falling through. It’s easy to assemble and can conveniently hold a lot of weight, up to 10,000 pounds.


Wall Storage

wall storage garage

Slatwall panels act as a fantastic space saver in your garage. They’re ideal for smaller items and those that would be convenient to access instantly, anything from cleaning supplies to sports equipment or tools. This unit from The Home Depot features six modular units that can be adjusted to the size of your choosing, making it a great option to maximize the space you have and accommodate changing storage needs.


Bike Storage

bike storage garage

If you’re part of a big family who loves to cycle, or even if you have a few bikes of your own, you know that bike storage can be important. This is especially true for smaller garages. That’s where a durable bike storage solution like this one from Amazon comes in handy. It mounts to the wall and holds up to six bikes.

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Fishing Rod Holder

fishing rod holder garage

You may not have considered a very specific type of storage unit designed for your fishing rods. Perfect for keeping them clean, safe, and out of the way, this one from Etsy is made in Florida from sturdy waterproof, weatherproof, UV-resistant Recycled Marine HDPE. It’s easy to install and you just need a screwdriver.


Pot/Plant Holder Ladder

plant holder garage

If you’re spending extended time in your garage, maybe to work on a project, some indoor plants might make the space more inviting. Or, perhaps you’ve converted your garage to a guestroom and need some extra storage space. Either way, this ladder from Etsy is perfect for holding plants or pots. Made with thick, rustic, sustainable wood with a vintage look, this ladder comes with a hanging kit.


Multi-Purpose Wall Mount

multi-purpose wall mount garage

When you’re setting up your garage, you might not be able to predict too far ahead what you’ll be storing and how you’ll need to store it. A great solution to this is a multipurpose wall mount with adjustable storage, like this one from Amazon with moveable hooks. When your needs change, you can quickly and easily reposition the hooks anywhere on the panel’s tracks.


Pulley System

pulley system garage

A pulley system is a great way to get heavy items up and out of the way, such as bikes. For instance, this adjustable unit from Amazon holds up to 100 pounds and can be used on up to 12-foot high ceilings. It’s perfect if your bike is particularly heavy or you can’t lift it yourself. The rubber-coated hooks help save your bike from scratches or, worse, slipping out of your hands.

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Storage Bins on Racks

storage bins racks garage

If you’re trying to store many smaller items that you don’t anticipate using too often, storage bins on overhead racks from Amazon might just be your best bet. Look for a solution that’s durable and long-lasting. You’ll also need to consider how much weight the bins can support, especially if your items are on the heavier side. Finally, if you need to see what’s inside at a quick glance for easy retrieval, consider choosing clear bins.


Corner Storage

corner storage garage

Just when you thought you were out of space, enter the corner storage unit. Perfect for providing shelf space for those items you want to grab easily and frequently, this type of garage storage can be very handy. This model from The Home Depot is made with a heavy-duty frame that holds more than 400 pounds and is simple to install.


Lumber/Ski Organizer

lumber ski organizer garage

If you or your family members are skiers or snowboarders, or if you happen to have other long items like pieces of lumber, rugs, or ladders to store, there are organizers that can help. This strong and compact unit from Amazon holds up to 440 pounds and comes with four storage levels. Each level is ideal to fit different types of long items.

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