11 Projects That Prove Concrete Isn't Just for the Outdoors

If you’re looking to upgrade your interiors with cool new amenities like seating, sleek surfaces, lighting, and accessories, you may already have the ideal material sitting out in the shed, possibly left over from your summertime stepping-stone project. That's right: Concrete, the same rugged, versatile, fun-to-work-with material that features in a host of outdoor projects can be used to make stellar stuff for any room in your abode too. Just check out the array of ideas here from the folks at Quikrete. These practical pieces are easier to mold than you think, especially with the step-by-step instructions and videos. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. Industrial Console Table

    Industrial Console Table

    Black iron legs and a thick, sleek slab combine in this streamlined console table. Start by building a mold of melamine board and rebar, fill it with a batch of Quikrete Countertop Mix to make the tabletop, and then screw together pipe fittings for the legs—as described in the directions laid out here. The table's narrow dimensions make it versatile enough to fit almost anywhere in your home, from an entrance hall to your favorite hangout space, where it would be the ideal bar! Cheers!


  2. Side Table Upgrade

    Side Table Upgrade

    We’ve all done it: Bought, found, or inherited a piece of furniture that perhaps sufficed in a college dorm but no longer suits our more sophisticated tastes. Rather than trash it, refashion it with concrete. Case in point: This stool turned side table once had an unfortunate top perched on an interesting base. The solution? Use the cheap-looking top to make a mold for a new one. Then, stir up some Quikrete Concrete Mix, pour it in, and wait for it to cure. Finish up by securing the new surface to its base using masonry anchors. It's beautiful—and so easy, as you'll see in the step-by-step!


  3. Self-Watering Planter

    Self-Watering Planter

    Never kill a coleus again! You can save all your houseplants from thirst with this self-watering planter. Pack Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix into a mold made from 2x8's and 1x4's to create a concrete planter that looks like a miniature trough, then let it all cure. When the concrete's ready, steady an empty, upside-down wine bottle in the soil by cutting bottleneck-size holes in stacked 2x6's. Then, set up a clever drip irrigation system by embedding one end of a length of thin copper tubing in a cork. Fill the bottle, insert the cork with the tubing attached, and put the bottle in position, and you can get out of town, confident that your houseplants will survive your absence.

    youtube.com via Quikrete

  4. Bargain Bucket Stool

    Bargain Bucket Stool

    Why blow a bunch of cash on a stool when you can create a cool one for about five bucks? Talk about an easy project: A five-gallon bucket serves as both the container for mixing the concrete and the form for the seat. Just prep your Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix right inside the bucket and, as the concrete starts to cure, insert three legs fashioned from wooden dowels. Find the full 411 here—then please, be seated!


  5. Pendant Lighting

    Pendant Lighting

    Pendant fixtures inject light and style into typically under-illuminated areas like kitchen islands and living room mantels. This tutorial shows you how to fashion a mold from two plastic bottles, one smaller than the other. (No worries—wood screws will keep the smaller bottle from wiggling inside the larger one.) After filling the mold with Quikrete Concrete Mix and letting it set, remove the bottles and thread the shapely concrete with a pendant light fixture. Hang it up, turn it on, and be brilliant!


  6. Textured Nesting Tables

    Textured Nesting Tables

    If you’ve got too little space and too few surfaces, Quikrete Countertop Mix can provide the ideal solution. This pair of tables won't take up a ton of real estate, and when they're not in use, the smaller table nests neatly under the larger one. And get this! When you make a form from Lego bricks according to this tutorial, your finished piece will be marked with the bricks' trademark texture, and you'll be able to customize your tables to fit exactly your available space. Best of all, no Legos were harmed in the creation of this furniture. Much of the excess concrete simply flakes off, and any bricks with stubborn residue can be placed in a mesh bag and run through the washing machine. Phew!


  7. Multifaceted Coat Hooks

    Multifaceted Coat Hooks

    Outerwear tossed anywhere is just plain messy, so keep coats, bags, and other notorious clutter-makers in their place with handsome homemade hooks. As you’ll see here, this organizational project begins with little more than cardboard and a template. Fill the faceted shape with Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix, and center a screw on the back. The next day, peel off the paper and attach your new hook to the most needy location, be it your front entrance or outside the door to the garage. You can set up a mudroom with a modern vibe in just as long as it takes concrete to cure!


  8. Danish Design Coffee Table

    Danish Design Coffee Table

    Bring the clean lines and pale woods of Danish design into your home, but give them the unexpected twist of a cool concrete top, courtesy of Commercial-Grade Quikrete Countertop Mix in White. First, build the intricate table base from 10 three-foot wooden balusters cut to size. Then, construct a form out of melamine for the concrete top (check out the how-to video), and assemble the pieces into a smooth and stylish table. Once the tabletop has been sealed, the chic blend of wood and concrete will just beg you (and your guests) to rest a few choice beverages on it.


  9. Unique Nightstand

    Unique Nightstand

    Once you've gotten a few concrete projects under your belt, you may be ready for something a bit more ambitious. We suggest this playful multi-material nightstand. Building a mold for this chipper-looking bedside storage unit is as easy as snapping together Lego bricks. Thanks to concrete's flexibility, the piece can be custom-designed to whatever size and proportions work best for your situation. Just put together the form, fill it with Quikrete Countertop Mix, and smooth the top with a trowel. Finally, build the legs and a drawer (right down to the knobs!) out of clean Legos in the colors of your choice. Be sure to reinforce the legs with glue—after all, concrete is heavy.


  10. Concrete Vases

    Concrete Vases

    The stone-like appearance of concrete makes it a perfect foil for delicate bouquets. And you can accessorize your space with a whole set of sleek, chic vases in no time at all. Just raid the recycling bin for empty bottles—either glass or plastic—and gather some basic hand tools, a drill, and Quikrete Concrete Mix. The secret ingredient? Test tubes! (Though ballpoint pens will do in a pinch.) Once you see how simple it is to make these beauties for your own place, you’ll be whipping ‘em up for holiday gifts.


  11. Concrete Countertops

    Concrete Countertops

    If you want great looks and impressive performance, think concrete for your bathroom or kitchen countertops—the material's malleability and (once cured) durability make it hard to beat. Any ambitious do-it-yourselfer can build and reinforce a melamine form and fill it with Quikrete Countertop Mix. Then, to ensure a smooth surface, vibrate the sides with gentle taps to banish any bubbles. Once the concrete has dried completely, flip it over and apply two coats of either concrete sealer or food-safe polyurethane, and your custom-made surface will be ready for use!


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