11 Reasons We Love Blue Bedrooms

Blue is one of the world's most popular colors. Taking its inspiration from the sea and sky, it represents peace and tranquility, relaxation and well-being; qualities that make it the perfect color choice for bedrooms. Here are 11 beautiful examples that continue to fuel our dreamy blue bedroom crush.

  1. Mix and Match

    Blue Bedroom

    This interpretation features a fun mix of patterns and textures set against a backdrop of cerulean blue. A row of framed images extends beyond the whimsical headboard, making a strong, linear statement on the wall.

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  2. Fit for Royalty

    Blue and Cream

    As if the color combination of cream and soft blue weren't elegant enough, this bedroom also features a dramatic headboard, valance, and bed panels. The medallion-patterned fabric of the headboard is repeated in the panels and duvet.

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  3. Like Clouds in the Sky

    Elegant Bedroom

    Even though your own bedroom may not be as grand or spacious as this one, the combination of whisper-blue walls and flowing white fabric would look equally sophisticated on any scale.


  4. A Timeless Look

    Light Blue Bedroom

    Pale blue walls, white woodwork, and cherished antiques create a setting that is as welcoming today as it would have been a century ago. Dramatic details in this ample room include the ceiling beams, mantel, and ornately carved headboard.


  5. For the Younger Set

    Little Girl Bedroom

    When it comes to kids' rooms, who says blue is only for boys? This cheerful space proves that sky blue walls can be a perfect fit for little girls. Feminine touches include balloon shades, a chandelier, and a clothing rack for dress-up necessities.

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  6. Retro-Spect

    Retro Bedroom

    Combining crisp blue walls with pale green furnishings brings a retro feel to this bedroom. The bold pattern on the drapes links all the colors in the room. For a quirky twist on nightstand lighting, consider a hanging design.

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  7. Playful Patterns

    Brown and Blue Bedroom

    A wallpaper motif of delicate branches over a background of pale blue sets the tone for this gracious master bedroom. A dynamic mix of patterns in bedding, upholstery, and even carpeting adds a bit of whimsy to the traditional layout.

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  8. A Touch of Lavender

    Lavender Bedroom

    Pairing pale blue walls with dashes of lavender creates an inviting, lighthearted scheme. When the overall decor of a room is quite simple, play with patterns on pillows, upholstered chairs, and even artwork.

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  9. Early American Style

    Attic Bedroom

    The allure of blue and white in home design is undeniable. In this cozy bedroom tucked under the eaves, rich indigo fabrics on the rug, bedding, and upholstery complement the antique styling of the four-poster bed and dressers-turned-nightstands.

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  10. Come In and Relax

    Blue and White Bedroom

    Blue is believed to be one of the most calming colors; used on a bedroom's walls, blue beckons all who enter to unwind. Although this bedroom is sparsely decorated, thoughtful details abound, including the built-in bookcase, art alcove, and recessed wood-paneled ceiling.

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