11 Things Never to Buy at IKEA

With more than 400 stores nationwide, IKEA has quickly become a go-to retailer for functional, stylish furniture on a budget. The Swedish company produces ready-to-assemble pieces that can be hacked into nearly anything your heart desires. But some IKEA staples aren’t worth the hype. Homeowners should instead save their money for big-ticket items like the BILLY bookcase or KALLAX shelving unit. So, the next time you're prowling that immense showroom of Scandinavian design, here are 11 things never to buy at IKEA.

  1. Kitchen Unitaskers

    Kitchen Products Not to Buy at IKEA

    IKEA’s kitchen section includes many single-task utensils, like egg slicers and potato presses, that probably won't get much use. Unless you're sure you'll rely on the utensil regularly, it’s best to spend your money on high-quality multitaskers instead. 

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  2. Mattresses

    Don't Buy Mattresses at IKEA

    The prices of IKEA mattresses can’t be beat, but their thin structure and subpar life span have garnered many negative reviews. Mattresses are big and important investments, so it’s worth shelling out extra bucks for the highest quality mattress you can afford.

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  3. Sheets and Towels

    Should You Buy Sheets and Towels at IKEA?

    IKEA's sheets and towels are notoriously scratchy. Homeowners should look elsewhere for comfortable linens that won't fray after a few runs through the washing machine. Keep in mind, however, that IKEA manufactures some beautiful duvet covers that are worth a peek!

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  4. Dressers

    IKEA Dressers

    IKEA sells ready-to-assemble products, and some of their larger items, such as dressers, can be a pain to build. IKEA’s dressers have another downside as well: Some varieties have been recalled for less-than-stellar safety ratings, the result of their tendency to topple. Overall, homeowners may be better off buying fully constructed dressers at another furniture store.

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  5. Step Ladders

    Never Buy Step Ladders at IKEA

    If you’re searching for step ladders or other functional items that will spend most of their lives in a closet, there’s no need to pay more for stylish design. Purchase these must-haves at a home improvement store for half the price instead.

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  6. Knives

    Should You Buy Knives at IKEA?

    IKEA sells plenty of kitchen knives on the cheap. But if you’re a devout home chef, it’s smart to splurge on a better-quality knife that’s guaranteed to withstand years of cutting and slicing. 

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  7. Home Decor

    Home Decor at IKEA

    When you're furnishing your first home, IKEA’s selection of affordabl decor can be a lifesaver. The only downside is that their items are mass-produced, so the store can't be a source of distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces. If you’re set on originality, consider checking out a gallery or specialty shop instead. 

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  8. CHOSIGT Ice-Pop Maker

    IKEA Ice Pop Maker

    The CHOSIGT Ice-Pop Maker, which comes in adorable bright colors, makes delicious fruit juice treats. But before you shell out money for this undeniably cute product, try DIYing your own ice-pop molds with Dixie cups.

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  9. DOLD Single-Portion Sugar Shaker

    IKEA DOLD Single Portion Sugar Shaker

    The sleek DOLD Single-Portion Sugar Shaker is designed to distribute small amounts of sugar at a time. In reality, though, this contraption is an unneeded luxury, and some reviews complain about leaks and inconsistent portions. 

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  10. Artificial Flowers

    Artificial Flowers at IKEA

    Looking for artificial flowers? Skip IKEA and head to a craft store, where you'll probably find greater variety and lower prices.

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  11. Room Dividers

    Room Dividers from IKEA

    A room divider is sometimes necessary, but every space and situation is different. Instead of buying a one-size-fits-all option like the VEBEROD at IKEA, try making your own customizable one with pallets or curtains.

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