12 Double-Duty Products You Never Saw Coming

Double-duty furniture and appliances can save you money by doing the work of two fixtures for the price of one. Not only that, but they're a no brainer for anyone who needs to save space around the house. Click through to see our favorite options that can be found in stores and online today.

Hidden Ironing Board

Hidden Ironing Board

If this mirror could talk, it'd certainly spill its secret. Only 7 inches deep, this reflective front opens to reveal the makings of a junior laundry room—a half-size ironing board and room to store an iron, bottle of distilled water, sewing kit, lint roller, and anti-static spray. Just prop the drop-down board on its single 33-inch leg, and you can complete chores anywhere in the house. When finished, close it up so that you can inspect the freshly pressed blouse in the mirror front. Available on Amazon; $163.


Bike Shelf

Bike Shelf

Who said that bike storage had to be boring? Your favorite pastime deserves the respect of a prime location in the home, and it can get raised on a double-duty bike shelf that flows seamlessly with your aesthetics. Boasting both form and function, this shelf mounts to wall studs to provide enough strength to hold up both your bike between cycling sessions as well as your miniature library. When you remove the bike to go for a spin, the floating shelf remains perfectly at home supporting your books, plants, and other knickknacks. You'll never want to stash your ten-speed in the garage again. Available at theknifeandsaw.com; $299.


In the Pocket

Convertible Pool Table

Few of us live in a home large enough for a billiards room, but many would jump at the chance to play pool whenever the mood strikes. The Fusion Table offers a space-smart and surprisingly stylish solution. One minute, it's a modern dining table with a sleek silhouette. A minute later, with the tabletop leaves removed, it becomes a first-class playing surface. Convertible units aren't known for quality, but the Fusion Table impresses on all counts, not least because with each made to order, you get to choose all the finishes—even the color of the felt. Available at Amazon; $7,995.


Power Couple

IKEA Varv Phone Charging Table

Floor lamp and charging table in one, the IKEA Varv is almost too good to be true. This sleek little number is fitted with a tabletop charging pad that allows you to power up your smart phone wirelessly. No need for extra wires and cords—simply set your phone on the table, and let it charge while you relax. Available at IKEA; $119.


Rise Above

USB Bed Risers

We could all use more storage, and there’s no simpler way to get a little extra space than by bringing home bed risers. While standard versions will afford you the luxury of additional underbed organization, these inexpensive models hide an even more useful secret: a power outlet that doubles your plug-in possibilities. Add one to your space so you can store unwanted extras out of sight, while also never having to worry about tripping over an extension cord again. Available on Amazon; $45.

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Breakfast's On

MaxiMatic Cuisine Multifunction Breakfast Station

A kitchen that's short on square footage has no room for a collection of "unitasker" appliances. Even essentials like coffee makers and toaster ovens eat up precious counter space in tight quarters. But why squeeze all those gadgets into one kitchen, when there's a single appliance that does it all? The MaxiMatic Cuisine Multifunction Breakfast Station boasts a griddle, toaster oven, and coffee pot that can cook up breakfast magic, all while fitting snugly into the tiniest galley kitchen, as well as man caves, or college dorm rooms. Available on Amazon; $29.


Smart Pack

ShelfPack Suitcase

One of life’s greatest struggles lies in properly packing for a trip—between squeezing everything into an airline-approved bag to keeping it organized once you reach your destination, it can seem like an impossible task. Luckily, there’s a new travel companion that can make jet-setting incredibly simple: The ShelfPack luggage system boasts built-in shelves that expand into a mini closet to keep all of your essentials orderly and easy to find. With easy-access pockets and roomy compartments, vacation prep just got a whole lot easier. Available on Amazon; $349.

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A Light Mist

Humidifier Diffuser

Let’s face it, indoor air can be stuffy and dry. And in areas like the kitchen or bathroom, it can have a less than pleasant smell. Knock out bad scents and stale air with a one-two punch in the form of this mini and modern humidifier-diffuser combo. This sleek, small system can add moisture to your air while also giving off a fine essential oil mist that makes your day-to-day life so much fresher. Plus, it hums along at an ultra-low noise level for minimal disruption. Available on Amazon; $27.

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Hairbrush Hiding Place

Hairbrush Diversion Safe

A diversion safe is brilliant home safety solution because it allows you stash valuables in plain sight. This sneaky strongbox has a twist-off top that reveals a hidden compartment, perfect for keeping small treasures tucked away. And since the safe doubles a fully-functional hairbrush, you can use it for daily styling, then leave it right out on your dresser where no one will suspect what lies within. Available on Amazon; $21. 


Pet-Friendly Side Table

Pet Crate Side Table

We all love our furry companions, but the fact is that pet beds and feeding stations take up valuable real estate in the home. The Habitat'n'Home Pet Crate from InnPlace is a genius space-saver, serving as both a modern side table and a cozy spot for your four-legged friend. Its easy-clean surface, lightweight design, and latching door make this double-duty buy as practical as it is stylish. Available at Overstock; $115.


Transforming Ladder and Platform

Alta's Little Giant Ladder

One Amazon reviewer describes Alta's Little Giant as "the Lexus of ladders," and he's not wrong. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it's tough enough to handle almost any job, and with 33 different configurations it can be used for almost any job requiring a ladder. So whether you're painting the ceiling or cleaning the gutters, the Little Giant has your back. Available on Amazon; $281.


Inside Job

Storage Ottoman

A favorite of space-starved homeowners everywhere, the KIVIK ottoman comes with a large, built-in storage area concealed beneath its moveable seat. Here, you can stash things like accent pillows, out-of-season throw blankets, or the entertainment-center accessories you prefer to keep out of plain sight. The ottoman itself pulls double duty as either a sofa footstool or a comfy extra seat for the houseguest you weren't expecting. Indeed, there's a good reason why storage ottomans are a go-to in living rooms, bedrooms, and elsewhere—practicality! Available at IKEA; $199.


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