12 Totally Unexpected Ways to DIY a Holiday Wreath

This holiday season, skip the ho-ho-humdrum home decor. Deck the halls—and the doors—with one of these 12 unconventional DIY wreaths.

Eye Candy

Gumdrop Wreath

Gather the kids’ leftover Halloween gumdrops (or your own secret stash) and hot-glue them in rings around a Styrofoam wreath form. Once the wreath is completely sugar-coated, tie a bow and hang your handy holiday work for all to admire.

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Punk Chic

Rag Wreath

Dated clothing need not be relegated to the back of the closet if it’s fashioned into this fabric wreath. Wrap old garments and bandanas into a faux-evergreen wreath and then share your tale of rags to holiday riches.

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Inviting Finnish

Geometric Wreath

Gain a glimpse of holiday traditions abroad with this eye-catching wreath inspired by Himmeli, a Finnish Christmas ornament. Unlike traditional straw Himmeli, this re-imagination features everyday cocktail straws threaded and secured with floral wire into an inviting geometric shape.

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Star Power

Starburst Wreath

This rustic twig and pom-pom wreath beautifully pays homage to the Midcentury modern inspired starburst pattern. Hot-glue twigs onto a circular cardboard cutout. Then, bunch yarn into pom-pom-shaped balls and hot-glue them onto the wreath for a positively radiant entryway.

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Pipe Dream

PVC Pipe Wreath

If the ghosts of fallen wreaths past still haunt you, quash them by displaying this lightweight, modern art-inspired PVC pipe wreath. Arrange the mitered pipes around a central object and assemble the wreath with glue and a chain to turn up the festivities.

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Festive Feast

Birdseed Wreath

To sew the seeds of generosity this holiday season, start by feeding the friendly, feathery neighbors that occupy your garden. Stuff birdseed into citrus rinds or a cake mold and hang your homemade feeder onto trees or bushes to serve a feast fit for the birds.

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Family K’nnections

K'nex Wreath

Your kids will be in for a Christmas surprise when they awake to find their K’nex pieces ingeniously arranged into this ornate ornamental. Use this Instructables tutorial to assemble K’nex rods, connectors, and faux lights into a playful wreath that illuminates smiles.

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instructables.com via Shadowman39

Holiday Portrait

Photograph Wreath

Come New Year, holiday photos are often relegated to dusty photo albums. Bring those photographs out of the dark room and into the entryway with this simple photo wreath. You can cut and tape your favorite prints onto a cardboard wreath form in a snap.

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Alive and Thriving

Succulent Wreath

Spread the joie de vivre of the holiday season year-round with a living succulent wreath. After gathering assorted succulent clippings from your garden, use bobby pins to secure their stems into a wreath filled with fresh sphagnum moss and good cheer.

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Bike Wheel Wreath

If an unused bicycle wheel is hanging around the garage like a third wheel, upcycle it into a sporty and seasonal evergreen wreath. Weave evergreen boughs through the wheel spokes and secure them with gear ties for a festive wreath brimming with bespoke charm.

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Wooden Personality

Wooden Spool Wreath

Start your holiday decorating off without a stitch with an inspired wooden spool wreath in your favorite color palette. Wrap wooden spools with scrapbook paper, and a wire wreath form with fabric. Then, hot-glue the spools onto the wreath and hang it for a seamless finish.

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Ode de Toilette

Ode de Toilette

This upcycled paper roll wreath proves that design inspiration can be found in the unlikeliest of places: the bath. Flatten colored paper tubes before arranging and gluing them into a whimsical curl. Adorn the wreath with a faux garland of cranberries to add a festive focal point.

etsy.com via ShadowCatCrafts

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