9 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkins

Boost your fall decor with a creative DIY pumpkin—no knives or scoopers required.

  1. Drip Crayon Pumpkins

    Drip Crayon Pumpkins

    Melt a rainbow of crayons with a hairdryer for a funky and fun pumpkin. Beforehand, try painting the pumpkin in a bright color (or just plain white) to really pump up the whole effect.

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  2. Thumbtack Pumpkin

    Thumbtack DIY

    The only thing separating you and a luxurious, gilded pumpkin is a bunch of gold thumbtacks. Stick them in and voila!

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  3. Painted Pumpkins

    Painted Pumpkins

    Strategically tape or wrap rubber bands around your pumpkins wherever you'd like their bright orange to shine through. Then paint. Once dry, peel back the tape to reveal a fresh and fashionable color-blocked look.


  4. Sequin Pumpkin

    Sequin Pumpkin

    This sequin pumpkinmight be the simplest squash on our list. Just glue on your favorite sequins to give your pumpkin a flashy, feminine DIY twist.

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  5. Epsom Salt Pumpkin

    Epsom Salt DIY

    Step one: paint with Mod Podge®. Step two: roll in Epsom salt. Step three: admire your seriously unique pumpkin. Once you have that mastered, try it with glitter.


  6. Stocking Pumpkins

    Stocking Pumpkins

    Wrap your gourds in fishnet or lace stockingsfor a glamourous look. But don't blame me if your sultry pumpkin starts singing the soundtrack to "Chicago"!


  7. Glazed Pumpkins

    Glazed Pumpkins

    For a subtle but sophisticated look, paint a golden glaze over your pumpkins, then group or stack the shiny spheres any way you please.


  8. Ribbon Pumpkins

    Ribbon Pumpkins

    Hot-glue some decorative ribbons to your pumpkin for a simple, clean, yet fashion-forward look. The more ribbon, the more stripes, plaids, and zigzag patterns to create—so go wild!


  9. "Liberace" Pumpkin

    Decorated Pumpkin

    What do you get when you combine all of these decorations together? Sequins, laces, glitter, ribbons, paint and a little Mod Podge®—the one and only "Liberace" pumpkin.


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