13 Gifts That Look Way More Expensive Than They Really Are

Your loved ones will be so impressed with your gifts they’ll be saying, “You shouldn’t have!”

'Tis The Season

Gifts That Look Way More Expensive Than They Really Are

The holidays are a time for giving, but while you may want to spread the love with gifts to as many friends and family members as possible, your bank account may not appreciate the generosity. Thankfully, we found 13 gifts that are stylish, functional and high-tech, without the hefty price tag!


1. Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Wyze Indoor Wireless Security Camera

Security systems used to be considered a home luxury, but these days, brands like Wyze are changing the game with affordable, effective solutions. The Wyze Cam v3 offers quality livestream footage straight to your smartphone. You’ll even get 14 days of saved videos for free, plus no monthly fees or required subscription.

Get the Wyze Cam v3 at Amazon for $35.98 


2. Zen Teacups

Zen Teacups

You never know what you’ll find at Etsy. Everything feels unique and handpicked, just like this handmade ceramic teacup. Featuring icy blue crackled glaze and a textured koi fish painting, it’s worthy of display on any open shelf.

Get the TANGPIN-TEA Ceramic Teacup at Etsy for $15.44 


3. Color-Changing Lighted Showerhead

Color-Changing Lighted Showerhead

Anything high-tech in the bathroom screams boujee. This color-changing lighted showerhead will do just the trick to elevate the shower. It’s the perfect, affordable gift for a friend who loves long showers.

Get the KAIREY Led Handheld Shower Head for $25.99 

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4. Pro-Quality Bakeware Set

Saveur Selects Bakeware Set

Any budding baker (or veteran patissier, for that matter!) will jump for joy when you gift them this Saveur Selects Loaf and Muffin Pan Bakeware Set. The price is especially nice considering that the set includes two high-quality pieces—each made with solid carbon steel that resists warping and a Whitford Eclipse non-stick coating that is dishwasher safe. The most genius feature, however, is the broad, rolled, textured rim that makes flipping the pans to release the baked goods easy and safe.

Get the Saveur Selects two-piece bakeware set at Amazon for $45.99


5. House-Shaped Tissue Box Cover

House-Shaped Tissue Box Cover

Small decor upgrades can go a long way in the home. For the friend that has it all, gift them an unexpected facelift for their tissue box. This fun house-shaped design makes it look like the tissue is a cloud of smoke coming out of a tiny chimney stack!

Get the Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover at Amazon for $6.86


6. Pair of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Pair of Himalayan Salt Lamps

There’s something so soothing about the warm glow of Himalayan salt lamps. These crystal lights will set the tone for a relaxing environment with their dim hue and calming vibe. They can be used as accent lights in the living room, in the bathroom for a spa-like experience, or in the bedroom to help you wind down.

Get 2 Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps at Amazon for $24.99


7. Digital Meat Thermometer

Digital Meat Thermometer

Give the gift of precision this holiday season with the ThermoPro TP-17 grill thermometer. It offers expensive features like dual-probe technology and two stainless steel probes that can be used to read two types of food at a time. Yet, it’s under $30! The home cook or backyard BBQer will be thrilled with their new gadget.

Get the ThermoPro digital meat thermometer at Amazon for $24.99

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8. Woven Wall Hanging

Woven Wall Hanging

This dreamy, boho-chic wall hanging is handwoven by artisans in India. Made from an amalgam of brown and ivory wool, and featuring jute and cotton fibers suspended from a gold half moon, this affordable gift will look gorgeous on any wall in the house.

Get the White and Gold Woven Wall Hanging at World Market for $34.99


9. Touchless Soap Dispenser

Touchless Soap Dispenser

This seemingly expensive soap dispenser will look great in a friend’s kitchen or bathroom. The automatic dispenser utilizes infrared sensor technology to ensure your hand receives the perfect amount of soap every time.

Get the Simpleone Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser at Amazon for $24.91


10. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy isn’t just for the spa! Gift a loved one this diffuser, so they can create the ultimate relaxation experience at home. Using ultrasonic technology, this diffuser adds fragrance while gently humidifying the air. It can help to alleviate stress and aid sleep during the driest winter days.

Get the Essential Oil Diffuser at Amazon for $18.99


11. Picnic Blanket with Carry Handle

Picnic Blanket with Carry Handle

Picnic in style with this chic blanket featuring a gray and black checkered design and PU leather handle. The high-quality blanket will elevate any outdoor experience, whether you’re camping, hiking, at a sporting event, or enjoying a romantic picnic.

Get the PortableAnd Extra Large Picnic Blanket at Amazon for $25.99


12. Touch-Sensor Color-Changing Table Lamp

Touch-Sensor Color-Changing Table Lamp

Another surprisingly affordable home decor item, this cool lamp features color-changing illumination to add calming ambience to any space. The touch-activated technology allows you to swiftly select your favorite color.

Get the Enbrighten Color-Changing LED Lamp at Amazon for $17.62

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13. Electric Mixing Travel Mug

Electric Mixing Travel Mug

Upgrade your busy friend’s travel gear with this rechargeable mixing to-go tumbler. Under $30, this mixer cup is a stylish and functional way to make protein drinks, fruit smoothies, and more on the go!

Get the Electric Shaker Bottle at Amazon for $27.99


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