14 Ultrafunctional Ideas to Steal for Your Entryway

First impressions are the most lasting. Ensure that your home makes a memorable one by designing an entryway that features dazzling decor, functional furnishings, bold lighting fixtures, and smart storage solutions. Get inspired with 14 entryway ideas from homeowners like you.

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  1. Mat Finish

    Entryway mat

    This woodland-inspired entryway invites nature inside while leaving bad weather at the door. Assorted jute, sisal, or cloth mats help dry off and air out sopping shoes and boots, while wicker baskets stash gloves and scarves.

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  2. High Art

    Entryway hat rack

    Creativity and pragmatism aren’t mutually exclusive—especially in this unconventional and space-saving wall art gallery. Hang hats or other personal collections on the wall with pegs, hooks, or even thumbtacks for an artful storage solution.

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  3. Guiding Light

    Pendant lighting entryway

    Don’t let a bleak foyer make your doorstep seem dark and uninviting. Lighten up with a minimalist DIY hanging pendant. (Check out this tutorial to learn how to make your own.) Precut wood molding helps expedite the project, while a simple electrical wiring technique ensures that your entryway will radiate warmth and charm (and light).

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  4. Sole Purpose

    Entryway bench

    Gain twice the efficiency by constructing a double-duty bench that offers both shoe storage and a comfortable woven jute-and-cotton perch in a compact footprint. The roomy shoe rack, which consists of a layer of furring strips mounted under the bench, can tame any entryway's unruly footwear. See the tutorial for more info. 

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  5. Clutter Cure

    Decluttered entryway

    Transform an underutilized entryway into a vibrant, multipurpose household hub with the addition of space-smart accents. Here, a bench with cubbies and woven baskets, an umbrella stand, and a ladder that's been repurposed as a shelving unit lend an air of well-ordered whimsy.

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    blog.potterybarn.com via Camille Styles; photo by Jessica Pages

  6. Extended Family

    Family organization station

    Get your family's reminders and organizational habits on effortless autopilot with a can't-miss check-in station like the one described in this tutorial. Cubbies for everyday essentials and personalized, painted bulletin boards will corral everyone's stuff in one convenient location and help keep track of plans and activities.

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  7. Reflection Perfection

    Entryway mirror

    Your guests will see themselves in the comfort of your happy home, reflected in a leather-bound mirror placed strategically at your entry. Accentuate the mirror of your choice with a space-efficient demilune console table for an all-around incredible design.

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  8. Tight-Quarters Titan

    Entryway credenza

    If your foyer lacks storage space—and you're nervous at the prospect of erecting teetering, sky-high cabinets—build your own credenza from an IKEA cabinet that's been wrapped in plywood and mounted low on the wall. Although this clever solution is expansive enough to display cherished mementos and store plenty of essentials, its slim profile and floating installation keep it visually light in a long, narrow space. 

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  9. Dresser for Success

    Entryway dresser

    Keep your foyer clutter-free with a hardworking dresser that can conceal mail, keys, and personal effects discreetly behind closed drawers. Place the dresser to the side of your entry to facilitate easy access without blocking foot traffic.

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  10. Knock on Wood

    Entryway plank wall

    Warm up a cold entryway with the homey ambience of wood by erecting a plank wall of budget-friendly plywood as shown in this tutorial. With wood stained in a variety of shades, a row of practical hooks, and a bold hanging clock, this entry lets your guests really know they've arrived.



  11. Keep It Simple

    Entryway floating shelf

    For a truly elegant and understated storage solution, install a shelf made of pallet wood and supported by austere brackets as seen in this tutorial. The narrow shelf accommodates decorative accessories and must-have items, and leaves ample floor space for umbrellas and boots, without impeding the flow of traffic.

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  12. On the Hook

    Entryway coat rack

    You'll be able to take your guests’ coats, hats, and bags without delay if you have a generously sized coat rack right next to your front door. This rustic storage solution is made from scrap wood and outfitted with plenty of bargain-buy wall hooks. Hang a favorite plaque above the rack to offer all who enter a warm welcome. 

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  13. Metal Mettle

    Entryway boot rack

    Don’t wait for the other shoe to drop before you install an inventive, wall-mounted shoe rack. With the help of this tutorial, you can construct a sleek, functional rack of your own using copper pipe and floor flanges. As an added benefit, it's extremely easy to clean between and underneath this metallic marvel.

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  14. It’s a Date

    Entryway chalkboard calendar

    Unlike traditional calendars, a conspicuous, customized chalkboard calendar like this one is a real attention-grabber. Hang the calendar at eye level to ensure that you'll be ready for whatever's coming your way.

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