15 Beautiful Walk-In Closet Ideas for Organization

Just because you have more space doesn’t mean you should clutter your closet! From small and simple to large and luxurious, these walk-in closet ideas will keep you organized.

With a Walk-In Closet, the Possibilities Are Plentiful

walkin closet organization ideas

If you have a walk-in closet, you know how nice it is to have plenty of room to store your things. But with all that space, clutter can take over and create more disarray than you would have in a small closet that requires things to be neat in order to fit. If you’ve been looking for walk-in closet ideas to create a well-organized, aesthetically pleasing space, look no further than these 15 ideas.


Divide Small Spaces

divide small spaces walkin closet

To better see exactly what you have, one of the best walk-in closet ideas is to use each wall for a separate function. Here, the walk-in closet shelving organizes clothes on one wall, displays shoes on another, and uses a slice of open wall space as the perfect place for pegs.

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Use Storage Bins

storage bins walkin closets

Storage bins are the answer to aesthetically pleasing organization for your modern walk-in closet. These cloth bins come in sleek and simple colors like graphite, and offer a way to neatly group together items on shelves.

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Add a Little Luxury

luxury walkin closet

The closet is a sacred space, so why not honor its splendor with luxurious touches? A decadent chandelier and marble-top island accented with a framed photo of loved ones combines luxury and warmth for your walk-in closet.


Built-in Shelves

built-in shelves walkin closets

If you’re looking for modern walk-in closet ideas, this extremely organized, minimalist display is a great option. The built-in shelves keep things neatly tucked away while getting creative with your display.


Store More in an Island

add island walkin closet

For a large walk-in closet, a gorgeous island is the perfect focal point. Not only can walk-in closet islands display items on top for a touch of personality, but they serve the functional purpose of holding plenty of items within within their drawers, too.


Add a Place to Sit

add bench walkin closet

Combine comfort and function by adding a place to sit in your walk-in closet. Try a bench with storage for additional opportunities to organize items! For even more seating, consider a pretty pouf.


Narrow Walk-In Closet Ideas

narrow walkin closets

If your closet has tight quarters, consider small walk-in closet ideas that keep the floor clear and instead utilize vertical space. Try breaking up cabinets with open shelving. Since you probably don’t have the space for an island, add personality to a blank shelf with coffee table books, a jewelry display and even some dried florals.

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Men’s Walk-In Closet

mens walkin closet

Dark woods and creamy fabrics make for great additions to men’s walk-in closets. Light fabric storage boxes will look gorgeous against a backdrop of black shelving, while neutral accents like a light wooden tray for holding accessories offer function and style.


Crisp White Closet

white walkin closet

Transform your space into a heavenly design with crisp white walk-in closet ideas. Combine all-white shelving with cool chrome hardware. To add warmth to the space, try a natural wood flooring. A window to the outside is ideal, too, as it adds natural light that will make the white feel even brighter.


Display Your Accessories

display accessories walkin closet

Accessories like jewelry, hats, purses, and scarves can double as decor for your walk-in closet. Organize such items by spacing them out on shelves for a sophisticated look.


Show Off Your Shoe Collection

display shoes walkin closet

If you take pride in your shoes, why not put them on display? Walk-in closet ideas for the shoe lover include stadium shelving that allows each design to be seen. For long boots, use clips to place them at the bottom of the shelves so they drape like a dress and show off every inch of their beauty.


His-and-Hers Shared Walk-In Closet

his and hers walkin closet

His-and-hers shared walk-in closet ideas feature one side of the closet for each person. This way, you not only know exactly what’s yours, but you never have to share browsing or changing space with your partner. An island allows for some shared space, like framed photos, reading materials, or even a place for surprise gifts.


Add a Vanity

vanity walkin closet

For walk-in closet ideas that break up built-ins, try a freestanding vanity. Something decadent, like gold hardware and an intricately designed mirror make for a glamorous place to sit and accessorize.

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Incorporate Statement Lighting

statement lighting walkin closet

Add indulgent design to your walk-in closet with statement lighting. Rather than one flushed light fixture, try an eye-catching chandelier. If you have high ceilings in your closet, go big with lengthy lighting.


Full-Length Mirror

mirror walkin closet

Mirrors are a must for a walk-in closet. They make the room feel larger, add luxury, and above all else, allow you to see what you’re wearing. A full-length mirror adds a touch of grandiosity. Even a small closet can work in a full-length design with enough vertical wall space. You can even use the back of the door!


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