15 Cities Where You Get the Most Bang for Your Real Estate Buck

While homeownership is an exciting prospect, potential buyers face a number of perils, including the possible devaluing of a newly acquired property. The secret to avoiding pitfalls while snagging a solid investment? Purchase a home in the right location—for instance, in one of these 15 cities, which are considered the best places to buy a home today, based on extensive market research into home prices, quality of life, trends, average home size, and more.

Orlando, Florida

Real Estate Market in Orlando, Florida

Looking to invest in real estate? Consider heading to Orlando, which tops Forbes’ list of best U.S. housing markets for 2019. The average home value is expected to grow a whopping 35 percent within the next three years. Talk about a bang for your buck!

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Sacramento, California

Real Estate Market in Sacramento, California

According to real estate website Trulia, median home prices in Sacramento have dropped only a modest 3 percent over the past year, while the average price per square foot for this same period rose. If you're planning to invest in a sunny California abode, though, purchase sooner rather than later—it will only rise from here!

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Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Real Estate Market in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Raleigh-Durham wins across the board, reporting steady increases in population, jobs, and home prices (the three-year growth forecast rings in at an impressive 26 percent). The Southern city is ideal for families with college-aged children, because 11 traditional universities—including North Carolina State University and Meredith College—are located here.

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Ogden-Clearfield, Utah

Real Estate Market in Ogden-Clearfield, Utah

Recognized as a "hot" real estate market by both the Home Buying Institute and Zillow, Ogden home values have increased as much as 20 percent over the past year in a time where the nationwide median rose only by 7.2 percent. Residents enjoy easy access to the Wasatch Mountains, which offer plenty of outdoor activities and natural beauty.

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Fort Worth, Texas

Real Estate Market in Fort Worth, Texas

Rising property prices signal a seller’s market in Fort Worth, so those purchasing homes will have a healthy investment on their hands. Given the stiff competition, though, be prepared to prove that you're a rock-solid buyer and expect to make several offers.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan

Real Estate Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Back in 2014, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development commented on the strong economic growth in this Michigan city. Fortunately, the trend has continued, indicating that homes in Grand Rapids are a solid investment for potential buyers.

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Boston, Massachusetts

Real Estate Market in Boston, Massachusetts

If you want to live surrounded by culture and history, start house-hunting in Boston; Trulia says the median home sale price is steadily rising. Residents of Boston enjoy many other perks as well, including delicious cuisine, excellent health care, and booming business.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Real Estate Market in Minneapolis, Minnesota

According to the Star Tribune, hordes of people are seeking housing in affordable areas of the Twin Cities, catapulting prices beyond the reach of many first-time home buyers. Nevertheless, you can still find budget-friendly gems in coveted neighborhoods like Richfield.

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Columbus, Ohio

Real Estate Market in Columbus, Ohio

As the hometown of The Ohio State University, Columbus has been enjoying a super-strong job market since 2010, which has contributed to the city's booming real estate trend. Potential buyers should know, however, that there's a shortage of available houses in Columbus, so you'll likely need to pay more than the asking price for a property.

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Jacksonville, Florida

Real Estate Market in Jacksonville, Florida

Not only does Jacksonville top the real estate charts, its residents also have a superb quality of life. According to U.S. News & World Report, the city ranks among the top 50 places to live in the country. It’s also the 23rd best place in the United States for retirement.

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Nashville, Tennessee

Real Estate Market in Nashville, Tennessee

The housing market is constantly in flux, but Nashville remains in the top 10 real estate destinations nationwide. The reasons: Nashville’s youth surge, low cost of business, and disposable income rate, which is projected to be 40 percent higher than the national average over the next five years.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Real Estate Market in Atlanta, Georgia

With average temperatures hovering around 70 degrees, Atlanta is a pleasant city filled with trees, waterways, and mountain views. It also draws many young professionals, thanks to its cultural diversity and reasonable cost of living. 

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Springfield, Missouri

Real Estate Market in Springfield, Missouri

Nine years ago, industry analysts pegged Springfield as a safe bet for housing investors, according to 417 Magazine. The city continues to attract a growing population of young professionals, drawn by the relaxed urban vibe.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Real Estate Market in Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City ranks number seven on Realestate.com’s list of top housing markets for 2019—one of only two metro locations named. High demand has driven up housing prices, so look carefully at climate, job opportunities, and overall livability before investing in a home. To minimize risk, research long-term market trends rather than relying on yearly projections.

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San Antonio, Texas

Real Estate Market in San Antonio, Texas

Why buy a home in San Antonio? It’s the perfect place for young professionals and retirees alike! While in 2019 another Texas city (Austin) grabbed the top spot on U.S. News and World Report’s list of best place to live, San Antonio has the advantages of excellent medical facilities and nearby nature and wildlife.

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