15 Eye-Catching Options for Your Front Door

With all the emphasis on paint color and siding, a front door could easily get lost in the shuffle of exterior updates. But as the first and last part of your house a visitor sees, it’s the perfect place to make a design statement. Replacing an old or dated looking front door is actually one of the most popular curb appeal ideas, making the choice of your a front door for a new home hugely important. It's more than a decorative feature—it's an important investment. Both the security and style your front door provides impact your home’s worth. So, there are several practical matters to consider when selecting a new front door: namely material, cost, and style. Style-wise, your front door should fit in architecturally with the rest of your home, but don't let that hold you back and miss the opportunity to express your personality. A six-panel door is very traditional, while an arched door with stained glass has more whimsy and a single French door adds elegance (not to mention a great source of natural light). Even a nontraditional steel door has gained popularity in modern architecture, boasting in strength and affordability; the metal, however, does conduct temperature, so it’s always not the most efficient option in extreme climates. A solid wood front door will always endure as a classic, despite being a bit pricier and requiring a bit more TLC and repair as necessary due to its sensitivity to moisture and sun. Fiberglass doors hold a middle ground as both affordable and durable—not to mention available in many styles, including those that mimic wood. Finally, no matter the material underneath, color is key to evoking the exact emotions you want from guests who enter your home. Whether you're looking for the vibrancy of red or the cheeriness of yellow, let whatever color you choose be an expression of you. Not sure where to get started? Click through these great front door ideas we've scouted from around the web.

  1. Classic Red

    Red Door

    This raised panel door, framed by glazed side lights and a decorative transom, has classic charm and gobs of curb appeal. The black trim over the transom adds contrast and visual pop.


  2. Traditional Wood Raised Panel

    Traditional Wood Raised Panel

    This classic six-paneled wood entry door looks fresh with a buttery yellow paint job. Wrought iron hardware contrasts nicely with the white trim work, and single-pane sidelites lighten the look while giving the occupant a view of visitors.

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  3. Sunny Steel with a Single Sidelite

    Yellow Steel Door

    A solid steel entry door could feel cold and forbidding. But not this one. Painted a sunny and welcoming yellow, this entrance is as cheery as any you’ll find. Frosted typography on the single sidelite is a playful greeting for visitors, be they old friends, or total strangers.


  4. Contemporary Double Door with Glass & Sidelites

    Contemporary Double Door with Glass & Sidelites

    This custom door revels in mid-century retro style. The geometric glass design and black finish combine create a stunning contemporary effect.


  5. Split Door

    Split Door

    Split doors are not just for stables anymore. And while they are not commonly used as entry doors, they can be an excellent choice. They offer a bit of extra security, as you can open the top half to greet a visitor while the bottom half remains locked. They also handily keep small children and pets corralled while still allowing for ventilation with the top half open.


  6. Contemporary Steel

    Contemporary Steel

    This contemporary steel door with large, brushed steel hardware matches perfectly with the architectural style of this modern home. A single recessed light fixture illuminates the entryway, fostering a clean and simple look.


  7. Stained Glass

    Stained Glass Door

    This antique door had a broken glass panel that was replaced with new stained glass. Stained glass allows light to filter through an entryway, while still providing privacy. Not to mention, you can greet every visitor with a work of art before they even walk into your home.

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  8. Fiberglass with Sidelites & Transom

    Fiberglass with Sidelites & Transom

    It looks like wood, but it’s not. This Craftsman-style fiberglass door with decorative glass and sidelites looks as warm as solid wood but offers better durability and insulation value.


  9. Single Arched Door

    Single Arched Door

    Painted a bold eggplant color, this single, solid arched door is simply elegant and so inviting.


  10. Decorative Glass with Sidelites

    Decorative Glass with Sidelites

    Decorative glass sidelites echo and compliment the pattern in this glass-paneled door.  Giving this entryway its distinctive look is a classic design of gray and clear water glass set off with clear bevels.


  11. Decorative Iron

    Decorative Iron

    Decorative wrought iron overlays frosted glass (inset in wood) for this beautiful double-door entryway. Iron provides a unique look as well as added security.


  12. Double Arched Mahogany

    Double Arched Mahogany

    These arched-top, solid mahogany doors are just as earthy and appealing as the autumn harvest display gracing the entryway. The doors are the perfect complement to the stonework of the facade and bead board of the porch ceiling.


  13. Glass with Transom

    Glass with Transom

    A pop of bright orange frames the single large glass panel in this updated row house’s contemporary front door. The transom above brings the door together architecturally with the porch windows.


  14. Rustic Wood with a Twist

    Rustic Wood with a Twist

    This rustic wood door gets a coastal makeover. Painted in teal and framed by stucco and sea horse ornaments, it's a wonderful example of a successful style marriage.

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  15. Single French

    Single Glass French Door

    A single glass French door is an excellent option if you’d like to let more light filter into your entryway. And it is blends perfectly with many architectural styles, from classic to contemporary.


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