15 Gadgets Everyone Wants for Christmas

Whether you're shopping for a techie or a kid, an adventurer or a gamer, we've got a list of gifts that are sure to surprise and delight. Click through to see some of our favorite picks for the season.

  1. Tile Sport

    Tile Sport

    When the original Tile launched just a few short years ago, nobody knew it would become such a favorite. But for those who sometimes lose track of their belongings—ahem, that’s pretty much everyone—"the anything finder" soon proved to be a godsend. How does it work? Simply attach a Tile to anything you don’t want to lose, then use the Tile app to find the item as soon as it goes missing. Brand new this year is the company's most advanced model to date, Tile Sport, which offers not only waterproof durability, but twice the range and a ringer that's louder than ever. Available at Amazon; $59.99 for 2-pack.

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  2. Firefield Night Vision Monocular

    Firefield Night Vision Monocular

    Hunters, soldiers, and private detectives need to see over long distances at night. Does the average Joe on your gift list? No. Probably not. But hey, isn't that the point of putting something unexpected under the tree? It's not necessary; it's fun! Plus, who knows? For the right person—the dad who's driven nuts by garbage-rustling raccoons or the kid who's afraid of things that go bump in the night—being able to see in the pitch dark could be the gift that keeps on giving. Available at Amazon; $299.99.

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  3. Virtual Reality Headset

    Virtual Reality Headset

    Seeking a gift for a video game fanatic? Consider the Oculus Rift +Touch Virtual Reality Headset. The bundle, which works with Microsoft Windows on PC computers, comes with a headset, two sensors, touch controllers, and six free games. Thanks to advanced technology and a high-functioning tracking system, the device recognizes your movements to create an interactive and immersive experience. Users feel like they’re actually part of their video games and virtual reality movies! Available at Best Buy; $399.

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  4. Fitbit Iconic

    Fitbit Iconic

    The latest in wearable technology, the Fitbit Iconic combines classic fitness tracking with the impressive functionality of a smartphone. The device can monitor your heart rate, distance, pace, and overall workout specs while you're exercising. What’s more, it can store and play more than 300 songs, track routes with GPS technology, access apps, receive text and call notifications, monitor sleep, and relay personalized workout plans. It’s the perfect gift for fitness buffs and health-conscious friends! Available on Amazon; $299.

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  5. Mini Camera Drone

    Mini Camera Drone

    Take your photography skills to the next level with the Altair Quadcopter camera drone, which allows you to capture first-person aerial pictures with its premium 120-degree wide-angle 720p camera. Navigating the drone is a breeze, thanks to its headless mode, altitude hold, and one-button takeoff and landing. Users can even create custom routes with their smartphone. With the ability to last 10 minutes on a charge and reach heights of 100 meters, the drone is ideal for beginner and advanced photographers alike. Available on Amazon; $130.

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  6. Wireless Charger

    Wireless Charger

    Dead battery? Now you can charge your phone without pesky cables! Simply place your device on the CHOETECH wireless charging pad (which should be connected to a power source) to replenish its battery. A lighting sensor controls the dimness of the charger’s lights, while a smart chip prevents it from overheating. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

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  7. Furbo Dog Camera

    Furbo Dog Camera

    Feel less guilty the next time you leave your pooch behind when you activate the Furbo Dog Camera. In addition to providing you with livestream video of your dog, the device records sounds inside your house, sends alerts if your pet starts barking, and allows you to talk through the speakers to help calm down your dog. The coolest part? Using the connected app, you can dispense treats to your furry friend to provide nourishment and entertainment while you’re away. Available on Amazon ; $249.

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  8. Relay Smart Wall Display

    Wink Relay

    Relay is a touchscreen pad that lets you control all your connected home devices from one central place. Working with the Wink app, you can turn smart products on and off, or connect to third-party outlets like Uber and FitBit. To use, simply remove your existing switchplate cover and replace it with this ultimate command center for the smart home. Available at Target; $149.98.

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  9. Revolar Instinct

    Revolar Instinct

    Give the gift of safety with Revolar Instinct, a wearable tracker device that easily clips onto clothing, bags, and keychains. The discrete gadget connects with an app that allows you to select friends and family to receive alerts, messages, and your GPS location. If you're ever feeling anxious or find yourself in danger, simply push the button to let those loved ones know your exact whereabouts. Available at Target; $79.99.

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  10. Atari Flashback 8 Gold

    Atari Flashback 8 Gold

    One of the coolest gadgets this year isn’t all that new. The Atari Flashback 8 Gold has the looks of the retro video game console with some modernized improvements, like HDMI connectivity and wireless controllers. It comes with 120 built-in games, including classics like Space Invaders and Centipede, as well as some new additions. The ‘80s kid and Gen Z teen (and everyone in between!) will love this beloved video game console.  Available at Target ; $69.99.

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  11. 2nd-Generation Echo Dot

    2nd-Generation Echo Dot

    Small but mighty, this palm-sized computer is a popular pick on Amazon wish lists this year. The Echo Dot answers questions, sets alarms, reads your calendar, orders dinner, calls cars, and more, at the request of your voice commands. Plus, this tabletop device can automate compatible devices around the home, from lights to locks and from sprinklers to sound systems. And, luckily, there's no need to wonder whether your recipient already has an Amazon Echo: The Echo Dot is compatible with but doesn't require an Echo to get started streamlining the day-to-day. Available on Amazon; $49.99.

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  12. GoPro Hero6

    GoPro Hero6

    Shopping for someone who is always planning an outdoor excursion? The newest camera from GoPro makes it easy to document just about any adventure, from sailing and snorkeling to ATV tours and hikes. Its compact size, serious waterproofing (up to 33 feet), and easy hands-free to handheld shooting make it an ideal travel accessory. Its superior photo quality and stabilization ensure the best pictures. Plus, new features like the QuikStories enable users to spend more time planning the next trip and less time sorting through photos and videos after-the-fact—it does the editing automatically via a smartphone app so you can share to social media instantly. Available on Amazon; $494.99.

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  13. Smarter Coffee

    Smarter Coffee

    Smart phones have become so ubiquitous that many people reach for them before they've even gotten out of bed. If you're guilty of committing the sin of early morning scrolling, you can now make that idle time a little more useful. When you buy a Smarter coffee maker, log on to the connected Smarter app on your phone to brew coffee remotely. Set your preferred strength, grind coarseness, and number of cups from bed (or anywhere), then stroll into the kitchen to enjoy a cup of coffee—no extra effort needed. Available at Best Buy; $249.99.

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  14. Speaker

    UE Roll 2

    This wireless speaker weighs no more than a can of soda but it is capable of blasting all your favorite tunes at top volume. Perfect for life on the go, the UE Roll 2 has a battery life of nine hours and is fully waterproof—you can even submerge it in water. Available on Amazon; $79.99.

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  15. Kano Computer Kit

    Kano Computer Kit

    Why simply buy a tablet for your child when you can let them build their own computer? The Kano computer kit guides them through the process of assembling the computer, coding apps, building websites, and more. Available on Amazon; $199.99.

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