15 Mother's Day Gifts Under $20

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but shopping for Mother's Day is a challenge, too. We've put together some of our favorite picks for a gift that honors Mom, while sticking to a small budget. Click through for the full list of gift ideas.

Hot Eats

Bonjour Butane Culinary Torch

This year, give Mom a kitchen that can keep up with her refined tastes, starting with the gift of a culinary torch. This essential tool can caramelize the sugar crust on a crème brûlée, brown the peaks of a meringue pie, or toast the top of a classic French onion soup. Not only is it fun and easy to operate, but the BonJour Butane Culinary Torch also serves up restaurant quality desserts and dishes from the comfort of the home. Available on Amazon; $19.87 on sale.

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Multitasking Gadget

Misfits Wearable Activity Tracker

Tech savvy moms will appreciate the push-button convenience of the Misfits Wearable Activity Tracker. It operates primarily as a fitness tracker, measuring her step count, activity, and sleep cycle. However, this high-tech gadget also performs some extra functions as well. When synced with a smartphone, Nest thermostat, and other devices, it can help automate daily life, helping to control indoor temperatures, advance through presentation slides in the boardroom, turn up your music playlists, and much more. Available on Amazon; $19.99.

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Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Magnets for the Screen Door

Kids everywhere are all too familiar with one of Mom's most famous lessons: Don't slam the screen door! Thank her for all of her sage advice (and make up for all the clanging and clattering you've done over the years) by gifting a set of butterfly magnets for the screen door. These attractive accents are more than simply decorative. When installed, they double as a safety feature, increasing visibility and reducing the risk of running straight into a dusty (and painful) screen door. Available at Plow & Hearth; $9.95.

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Wine and Dine

Picnic Wine Stakes

The wine lover's picnic calls for a good vintage, and a set of Wine Glass Stakes like these from Plow & Hearth. The sturdy metal stakes can be pushed into the ground to provide a safe structure on which to balance a glass of Pinot or rosé. If you want to really go the extra mile, pair this gift with her favorite white wine for an extra special (and summery) gift. Available at Plow & Hearth; $14.95.

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Flavor Infuser

Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Spa water, or fruit-infused H2O, is a fan favorite with moms, or any health conscious person. For those people, this BPA-free fruit and herb infusion pitcher makes a perfect gift. With its screw top infuser, it's easy to fill and clean, and to serve up delicious, fruity, and hydrating water—enough to get your recommended eight glasses daily.  Available on Amazon; $19.99.

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Novel Teas

Novel Teas - Literary Tea Gift

Does your mom collect books like other people collect frequent flier miles? Does she spend her Saturday mornings on the couch with a cup of tea and her Kindle? Fuel her caffeine and reading addictions at the same time with The Bag Ladies' Novel Tea Set! Each bag of English breakfast tea is adorned with a different literary quote, so she can read them and steep! Available on Amazon; $14.95.

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Pins and Needles

Needlepoint Kit

If she’s the crafty type, consider picking Mom up a little something that highlights her favorite hobby. This cross-stitch kit comes with everything she needs: instructions, designs, embroidery threads, a needle, fabric, and a wooden hoop. The bright and cheerful adage is sure to make Mom smile—especially when she remembers who gave it to her! Available on Etsy; starting at $19.

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Spa Day

Spa Basket

Moms never seem to have time to take a break. Give her the gift of relaxation with this customizable mini spa. Made from all-natural ingredients, and no harmful chemicals—and assembled in a charming basket, bucket, or bag of your choice—this inexpensive solution is a surefire way to show her you care. Available on Etsy; starting at $10.

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From the Desk Of

Notepad Set

If your mom hasn’t quite gotten around to the age of digital to-do lists and calendars, or if she just prefers the pretty paper method instead, then she’ll love this personalized notepad set. The perfect gift for the woman on the go, she can keep one size conveniently on the counter and the other in her purse. Plus, she’ll love the bright colors that ensure every note coming from her desk is as cheerful as she is. Available on Etsy; $12.

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A Glass that's Always Half Full

Half-Full Glass

This Mother's Day, present mom with the gift of optimism. (We bet she could probably use a refill after the time she's spent mastering one of the most demanding jobs.) This 7-ounce double-walled glass with cheeky reminders is just the ticket: It will surely make her smile, if not remind her to start every day with a glass that's half full. Bonus points to you if you pair with a refreshing supply of freshly squeezed lemonade or an iced tea. Available on Amazon; $13.


Grow Cocktails

Grow Cocktails Seed Kit

You might plan to raise a glass to Mom over brunch, but the celebration doesn't have to stop there: Give her an herb garden especially tailored for cocktail recipes and she can enjoy many more drinks at home throughout the year to come. This specialty starter kit includes all she needs to grow flavorful mix-ins from scratch: six seed packets (thyme, lavender, Thai basil, mint, lemon balm, and blue borage), soil, plant stakes, and a miniature egg carton in such she can start the seedlings. We'll drink to that good idea! Available at Uncommon Goods; $12.

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Keeping Time

Hairpin Clock

Appealingly practical, with a charmingly distressed finish, the Galvanized Metal Hairpin Clock checks all the boxes for mothers who love tchotchkes, iconic mid-century design, and always—always—being on time. Battery powered, with no unsightly cords running its vintage effect, the eight-inch-tall metal timepiece makes for the perfect bedside, bureau, or desktop accessory. Available at Cost Plus World Market; $19.99.

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Light Up the Night

Firefly Solar LED Mason Jar Lantern

It is a truth universally acknowledged that moms love Mason jars—sometimes for canning, but equally often for a range of creative, "off label" uses. That's why, with its dreamy appearance (designed to resemble a collection of fireflies), moms are bound to get a kick out of the Firefly Solar LED Mason Jar Lantern. Quirky, casual, and totally uncomplicated, it's destined to be a porch or patio favorite come summertime. Available at Cost Plus World Market; $19.99.

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Butterfly House

Gardeners Supply Company Bamboo Butterfly House

The soft-hearted gardener will love this Bamboo Butterfly House from Gardener's Supply Company. Delicate garden pollinators sometimes need to seek shelter from wind and rain. When they do, this hanging teardrop-shaped house will ensure they choose Mom's garden to call home, gracing her yard with beauty and charm in all weather. Available on Amazon; $19.95.

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Folding Basket

Folding Wire Fruit Basket

Hardworking hostesses know that the right dish can set the tone of a party. If your mom already has as many serving trays and bowls as cabinet space, you'll be hard-pressed to give her something she'll actually use when entertaining guests. This foldable, shape-shifting fruit bowl is a good bet. The sleek metal design makes it an attractive option for displaying snacks or dinner rolls, and the bowl can be styled in at least 5 different ways to make it fit for any table, and any style. Available at Uncommon Goods; $20.


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