18 Tiny Kitchens We Love

If you’re craving a new DIY project, look no further than the kitchen. These 18 small kitchen ideas will help you cook up design success regardless of the dimensions of your space!

  1. Double Take

    Tiny farmhouse style kitchen breakfast nook


    This pretty, pastoral kitchen-and-dining nook offers a welcome retreat in the bustling city of New York. A fresh, white breakfast hutch and countertop pair perfectly with a marble backsplash to evoke the charms of a country house—and the amenities of a modern-day home.

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  2. Ivory Tower

    White kitchen with above cabinet storage


    This tiny kitchen's creative use of walls and the tops of cabinets gives ample room to spread out below. Cutting boards, seldom-used servingware, and bottles of fine wine are hung high on walls or stashed above upper cabinets on a DIY shelf.

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  3. Out of the Blue

    Colorful blue white kitchen


    This kitchen’s got the blues, but not because of its dainty dimensions! A cheery, Easter-egg blue subway tile backsplash, with nearby bowls, plates, and storage jars to match, create the perfect mix-and-match color theme when paired with the kitchen’s ivory open shelving cabinets.

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  4. Window to the Woods

    Rustic wood paneling trim kitchen


    An ominous alcove is transformed into a bright and appetizing kitchen with the addition of light-giving windows in the angular ceiling. The downward facing windows with natural wood trim make the kitchen feel more spacious while complementing the rustic decor below.

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  5. Rug-ged Sophistication

    Apartment kitchen with rug and rolling island

    homepolish.com; photographed by Claire Esparros

    This studio apartment avoids the trifecta of troubles that commonly afflict undefined kitchen spaces—a lack of style, boundaries, and hominess—with the simple addition of a rug. Situated beneath a skylight of equal proportions, the floor exudes warmth and comfort in quaint quarters.

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  6. Pint-Sized and Proud

    Tiny kitchen with floating corner shelves

    homepolish.com; photographed by Cody Ulrich

    It’s a small world in this compact kitchen, but one that looks much larger thanks to design features plucked from European homes. A miniature stove and full-size sink, flanked by floating corner shelves, add style without subtracting space.

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  7. Back to the Wall

    One wall kitchen with dining room

    Zillow Digs home in Edgartown, MA

    This rustic one wall kitchen is sleek and slim, yet fully-stocked. A central window against the far wall is framed on three sides with cabinetry and surfaces for washing, cutting, and cooking, leaving ample space for wining and dining guests.

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  8. You’re Surrounded

    Small kitchen with built in storage around refrigerator


    Reclaim wasted space around the refrigerator by flanking the appliance on all sides with storage-smart cabinetry. Here, flat-panel cabinets, large and small, offer a secret stash spot for cookware and snacks. When color-matched to the kitchen island and flooring, the addition looks almost seamless.

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  9. Couture Kitchen

    Tiny red kitchen and laundry room


    The streamlined silhouette of this petite Parisian flat disguises a kitchenette above the countertop and a laundromat below. Get the look—wherever you are in the world—by emulating its floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, small appliances, multipurpose wall hooks, and bold paint color.

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  10. Hidden Treasures

    Small kitchen with hidden storage


    This cleverly designed kitchen conceals a spacious pantry behind a wall of drawer fronts. A secret serving board is also hidden in the same wall, and can be put to use when serving guests or when the chef needs a little more space for food prep. For a touch of country charm, an all-wood dining table stands alongside these modern amenities.

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  11. Shelf Life

    Small galley kitchen open storage over island


    Mid-century millwork finds its way to modernity in this ultra-accessible, natural wood kitchenette. The success of the space rests on floating tiered shelves of sapele and white oak, which serve up statuesque servingware and wine glasses over an elegant and easy-to-clean quartz countertop.

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  12. Gray Area

    Gray kitchen with vintage and modern features


    This kitchen has gone gray—but has never looked more vibrant or spacious! The slate-colored cabinets and matching pewter oven and exhaust hood offer playful variations on a subdued hue, while the geometric backsplash and quartz countertop tease visitors with eye-catching textures.

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  13. Right Angle

    Small alcove kitchen with open and closed storage


    Turn the corner on that awkward alcove in the kitchen by drawing the eye to more noteworthy focal points. Here, modern artwork meets floating shelves at the corner of two underutilized walls, adding both form and function with minimal effort.

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  14. Seeing Red

    Tiny kitchen painted floors white cabinets


    Though the fiery hue is said to encourage a healthy appetite, in a tiny kitchen, a uniformly red color scheme can make the room look smaller. In this drool-worthy kitchen, the red floor lends warmth from the ground up, while the surrounding white cabinetry gives the space an open, airy quality.

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  15. Stone Walled

    Corner kitchen exposed brick tile backspash


    The brick wall in this kitchen makes the cozy ambiance of a hearth accessible year-round. Industrial pendant lights and candle sticks offer additional contrast to the modern cabinets, and evoke a distinctly old-world feel even in a new home.

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  16. Black Is Back

    Classic black and white kitchen


    Black may have a slimming effect elsewhere, but when it infiltrates the kitchen, it creates visual variety and diverts attention from the size of the space. In this mix-and-match kitchen, a punch of ebony in a sea of ivory cabinets draws the eye to functional focal points like the stove and radiator.

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  17. Dark Secret

    Kitchen with wood and blue cabinets white backsplash


    Painting cabinets in darker hues can streamline the look of these occasionally obtrusive kitchen fixtures. Here, dark chocolate cabinets offer a sweet contrast to the ivory subway tile beneath it, while affording the cabinets themselves a more integrated, organized appearance.

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  18. Golden Rule

    Small kitchen bright yellow cabinets wall storage


    All dressed in yellow, the lower cabinets in these kitchen quarters are sure to create a happy home. The atmosphere of play is solidified with a geometric-cut frame around open shelves, and matching marigolds hung with utensils in wooden storage canisters on the wall.

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