21 Big Ideas for Small Closets

Whether you live in a tiny cottage or sprawling estate, one thing's for sure: There never seems to be enough closet space. Reclaim space, style, and your sanity with these 21 crafty closet organizing solutions.

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  1. Put It on Your Tab

    Soda tab hanger hack

    Empty soda cans may take up space in the recycling bin, but in a cramped closet, they can actually create additional hanging space. Simply pop the tab off the can and slip it around the hook of a hanger. You can then slip another hanger through the hole in the tab, essentially doubling the rod's storage potential.

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    YouTube via HackCollege

  2. Off the Chain

    Use plastic chains to fit more clothes in closet

    This homemade hanger hack is the missing link between you and a clutter-free closet. To steal the look, spray-paint a foot-long chain and attach it to a large S-hook. Suspend the chain from a closet rod and slip multiple hangers through the links to amp up both style and storage space, from top to bottom.

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  3. The Right Track

    Track shelving small closet

    If heaps of wrinkled clothes have turned the floor of your closet into a second hamper, restore order by installing track shelves. The customizable vertical track rails let you adjust the shelves so you can make the most of your closet's height, leaving no wall space wasted and no wardrobe essential left on the floor.

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    Flickr via emilysnuffer

  4. Hanging by a Thread

    Repurpose hanger accessory organizer

    Have homeless hats, scarves, and belts taken up residence on entryway consoles, coatracks, and benches? Give them a permanent abode with an off-the-wall organizer. The rod of this hanger is lined with “hooks" fashioned from card stock and snaps that make it a cinch to store several accessories in a slender space.

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    Instructables via VibeLich

  5. Off-the-Rack Deal

    Diy open clothes rack

    Bring your frequently worn items out of an overflowing closet and into the light with this open-air organizer, a permanent cure for closet chaos. This handy clothing rack comes together with only an old cabinet, inexpensive dowels, wood boards, screws, and clothesline.

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    Instructables via Paige Russell

  6. Insider Secret

    Over door closet organizer

    This surprisingly sleek solution for wrangling small supplies lies discreetly behind closed doors. Harness the potential of your closet door by mounting a metal organizer behind it, turning the do-nothing space into a gift wrapping station, cleaning product catchall, or multipurpose storage unit.

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  7. Ties That Bind

    Diy tie rack

    Save closet space by installing this bare-bones wooden wardrobe assistant. To make your own, simply stain a piece of scrap wood, drive in some nails in an orderly pattern (pegboard makes a great template), and festoon the rack with ties of all stripes—and solids too!

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  8. Split Personality

    Stagger hanging rods to double closet space

    In a space-challenged closet, forgo a single, inefficient tension rod in favor of this double-duty DIY organizer. By reserving half the closet for a skinny shelf and the other half for two short rods, you'll create ample room for garments that hang as well as space for shoes and folded clothing, while minimizing visual clutter.

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  9. Staggering Genius

    Diy double closet rod

    It’s never too early to teach your little ones how to get organized, and with this diminutive closet organizer, it’s never been easier! Install a second, companion rod at a child-friendly height to both vastly increase storage space and ensure that the kids can hang up some of their own clothes. 

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  10. Fancy Feet

    Leaning portable shoe storage rack

    For a fashionable footwear display without the sticker shock, try this shoe rack on for size. It couldn't be simpler: Just prop a sheet of sturdy wire mesh against the wall, then slip high heels in between the wires. 

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  11. Custom Combo

    Diy wood closet organizer

    If your home is high in clutter but low on closet space, create your own by transforming an underutilized span of wall into a custom closet. This brand-new storage area has everything: multiple rods, a smart storage shelf, and sliding doors. 

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  12. Behind Bars

    Towel curtain rod storage

    Mount towel bars on the inside of a small bathroom closet door for a sneaky way to store extra linens. Alternatively, string the rods with curtain rings, then use them to hold jewelry or accessories.

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  13. Slide On Over

    Diy sliding barn door

    Escape clutter and invite rustic charm into a bedroom by installing a sliding door over an existing closet opening. This retro-inspired sliding door leverages premium-grade wood, conduit pipes, and casters to create a crafty cover-up that effortlessly glides open and shut.

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  14. Nimble Footwork

    Open storage display shoes

    Put your enviable shoe collection on display—and put a boring wall to work—with this do-it-yourself shoe rack. Mounted shelves turn the negative space into elegant and economical storage for your favorite footwear.

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  15. Divide and Conquer

    Organize small alcove nook closet

    Awkward alcoves, the enemies of small closets everywhere, can further restrict already limited storage space. The solution? Install labeled shelves or modular storage units to create an organizational oasis that provides well-defined and easily accessible cubbies for household products and cleaning supplies.

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  16. Above the Fold

    Organize folded clothes with dividers

    It can be tough to store folded clothes on closet shelves. Even the most neatly folded sweaters can defy efforts to stack, reverting to formless mounds that are impossible to sort and select. Enter your new best friends: A series of dividers arranged on a shelf that serve as space-efficient containers that let you organize by color or season, so you can retrieve the item you want at a moment’s notice.

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  17. The Final Curtain

    Diy closet curtain

    The biggest barrier between you and an functional, organized room may not be the cluttered contents of the closet, but the closet door itself. Consider removing and replacing the door with a floor-length curtain to add space and an element of luxury to a bedroom or guest room.

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  18. Mistaken Identity

    Label closed storage bins baskets

    Bins and baskets are go-to storage solutions for a small closet, but if they're not properly marked, finding the item you want can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Before stashing closed storage bins in a closet, be sure to attach plain or decorative labels to them for easy retrieval.

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  19. Shelve Old Ideas

    Diy hanging clothes wall shelf bracket

    When space is at a premium, consider this space-saving storage idea as an alternative to installing a second rod in a closet. Mount painted shelf brackets to the sides or back of a closet to hang wardrobe essentials efficiently and in wrinkle-free condition.

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  20. Off the Hook

    S hook diy closet storage

    Known for lending a helping hook in times of need, S-hooks are also a perfect solution—and a perfect fit—for creating extra space for accessories. Here, S-hooks hung alongside wire hangers suspend purses, belts, and hats within arm’s reach.

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  21. Leading Lights

    Add closet lighting

    For a low-cost, low-maintenance lighting solution in a cramped closet, forgo installing bulky fixtures or an awkward light switch by opting for LED strips instead. You can mount individual strips inside the closet frame or snap a few strips together to multiply their radiance, making it easier for you to see the contents of your closet.

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